Does anyone know if Chesapeake is resigning leases in Tuscarawas county, Ohio???
Our lease is up in October. Thank you!

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They sold out to Encino. It'll be up to the new owners. they assumed all those leases and will have the option to extend. I look for them to do that,but will try to amend those leases to far less desirable language for the landowners. They may just let them expire,then wait a while so that landowners think that anything they offer on new leases may be better than nothing.They are looking 10 years down the road.

Thank you!
I've heard that Chesapeake was keeping the leases in Tuscarawas county, but then I also heard that Chesapeake sold all leases in Ohio. Confusing!
Chesapeake sold all Ohio including tuscararas co. leases hope that answer's your question

Link below about Encino acquiring Chesapeake in Ohio.

Gary L

Thx for the news. Lets hope they haven't adopted any of Chesapeake's landowner relations tactics.

in the seems all companies get greedy and start taking deductions not specified in the leases.

I have old Clinton gas wells........they did the same thing a couple years back.....started taking Gas tax and Severance and gathering taxes.....

Appears that Encino will target Columbia, Jefferson, and Harrison Counties in Ohio 2019 according to this article.

Sounds like they are going after the gas,not oil. where they can get it into a pipeline immediately and make the most $ as soon as possible.

Watch out for Chesapeake big trouble in Pa.and the rest of where ever they are.

Why is Chessie in 'big trouble " ? 


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