my neighbor in nottingham the renewal letter and check yesterday in mail..we have alov lease and its not up till 4/16/16.anyone else get renewed/?.thoughts why so early? im thinking tax write off ? MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!

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Not sure why they would be renewing early.  What are the dollar numbers for renewal? I know some ALOV leases were in the $2500 range and prices went to over $6000 a year or so later.  Maybe these leases are at a low enough number to make renewing them worthwhile.

One other possibility comes to mind. Maybe they need to tie up acreage for a prospective buyer. Just a guess but CHK has been selling assets for some time.

we signed for $2,250 per acre.they have almost 4 months to thinkin some kind of tax angle. my mail doesnt come till 5pm. so ill kepp you updated..

At that price they can  dbl. their $$$ even if they are selling those assets.

We leased some land on long road is your friend near that area?

yes.mine too still havent recieved my renewell yet

we received our lease renewal early also. leased to chevron ,wasn;t due until june. we are in marshall county wv.  cameron district.same price as originally paid.

yes - got mine Christmas eve stock twp.....also not due until mid april

nice.hope to get mine too.its a nice surprise to get it early.dont live in area so maybe taking longer


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