Chevron is building a pad in the Frills Cornors area. Anyone have an idea when drilling to start?

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Probably as soon as they get the rig set up & all the permits are gotten. I only escorted the trucks, that are moving the bunk houses onto the well site.

You must live near there?  Escorting the trucks must have been an interesting sight!

I work for the company that manufactures some of the camp shacks, that go into the well sites.  The shacks came from the well site @ Snow Shoe, the riggers that will drill @ the Milyo pad, had done the drilling @ SnowShoe. No, I don't live in the area.

Ed Luther here. Frills Corners is already drilling or getting set up. Paula I was raised arond Carrolltown, Pa area and could tell you what you want to know.

Thanks Ed. I'll be in Cambria County, going back up into Clearfield County tomorrow. I've not been to the Dumm site but I have been to the Lytle site, numerous times.

I imagine we will be going up 219, through Carrolltown, as we have done previously.

Yes-219-very familiar with the area. I believe my father bought potatoes from Lytles and they where big in dairy, milk producers and retail to holmes, stores etc. Anything you need or want to know get in touch. My email is Who is permitting? If you can tell me. Ed

Well, we had a NO GO from the well @ Dumms Pad in Barr Twp/Cambria County. They weren't ready for the rig to be set, so we will move the shacks from Dumm's pad to Clearfield County, on Monday.

Rig moved in.


Just exactly which site is this. Ed


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