Has anyone heard the rumor that CHK is being broken up and sold?  Could be why they are holding up division orders on wells now producing for 4 to 6 months or more. Could be they want to hold onto the money they would have paid for royalties longer so the company looks more viable. 

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Every time they sell off leases they take a hit to earnings book value. Why buy the whole company when you can get assets on the cheap? 12-18 months the stock will be below $16. Only thing that will "bail them out" is Nat. Gas above $5.

Maybe winter will bring the price of NG up to $5.  Just wondering how long they can hold off paying royalties or is 6 months the norm?

CHK has been a takeover target for three years now.  It would take a pretty dedicated buyer to do the due diligence on a company that has so many entanglements, JVs, etc.  EPS is -$2.18, which is not attractive when you look at GPOR who's at $1.58.  Forecasts for P/E drop from 2013 to 2014.  Growth is expected to drop from 173% 2013 to 25% in 2014.  Not a sign of value.  Nothing justifies a $40 price target except for $5+ NG prices, in which case every E&P company would raise their targets.  CHK has had a nice run up but it's still well below the level that I sold it at 3 1/2 years ago, which says something.  


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