Well, my 5 year re-up with Chesapeake just fizzled in Oxford Township. Does anyone know of any companies offering to lease at this time? Appreciate the info.

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I would join a landowner group and start over.  Might be a few years, but eventually you might land a good lease and money with group power.  I would not give it away.  

Thanks for the response. Do you happen to know of any landowner groups that are currently active in the Oxford area?


    Did you get a Release from Chesapeake?

Don't feel down that you weren't taken advantage of by Chesapeake. Those stories from PA Farmers from 2011 that they owed Chesapeake for taking their minerals hit Ohio several months ago, leaving many Farmers with no royalty payments.

We were told this would happen, but no one believed it. This problem will move to the next state "Cheat a Peak" moves into. First they will need to buy the governor and atty gnl of the state.

You might not have anyone want to pay up a landowner bonus right now, but in a year it may be much different.

I don't know of any landowner groups out here, I live on Putney Ridge, first house on the south side of the road to the west of 513.

If it were me I would call the Krugliak, Wilkins law office and ask them. They helped many people obtain very good lease terms and payments.

My guess is you will have to wait, but it will come back around again.


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