Anyone know if cicadas could be a deduction on a royalty check, possibly hidden under miscellaneous. They could pose as a hindrance to a well site, of opening and closing valves. Could they also be added as  market enhancement. Don't know for sure, called oil company, and they replied their usual answer I don't know. Hopefully I didn't give them any ideas,, oh well what's one more deduction from zero.

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Lol. Unicorns aren't real as iI am sure you know. You are asking the wrong person. It's ashame the energy companies think the mineral owners are so stupid, cause we aren't.


Knew that part about fictional unicorns.

Just jokin' around a little.

Thanks for your chuckle.

Alot of times folks don't appreciate my humor !

I thought it was funny anyway !


You gotta laugh or find humor in all this. If you don't you will go crazy. That is the only thing that gets me through the school year.

I ask myself many times :  Is an attempt at humor regarding what many times appears to me as 'megalomania' really funny at all ?

Or is it more like a form of hopeful 'denial' ?

Many times I (almost finally conclude) that lunatics are running all of the asylums and are all vieing to remain / secure power / control.

What do you think my educator friend ?

Thanks, for your educated guess and inquiry. Perhaps you can answer is there any truth to the rumor that are not drilling for Utica after all, they are nothing  more than sunction holes to suck down cow flatulence, they seem to all being drilled in rural areas and cows seem present. Oh, and what do unicorn droppings look like and where do I send them for analysis?

Hmmmmmmm.............more to ponder..........but, I'll submit that where there's flatulence there's also normally found a serious amount of puckey !


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