Anybody seeing annnnnny activity in Clinton county? I've heard Andarko has some things going on. I have also heard of plenty of water trucks making rounds around the Jersey Shore area. Rumors?

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Hi all again,

I was just spent some time on our property up at the top of rt. 44. Saw a "welcome drillers" sign and noticed an entire lot full of water trucks down on 220. Other than that, I haven't seen much. Is anyone on here back on Carrier Road at the top of rt. 44? I'm wondering when we'll start receiving lease offers?

Also, the Transco Gas Pipeline runs about 3/4ths-1 mile away from our property. Is this a benefit? Can that pipeline be tapped into by the companies should they drill this area?
FYI -A large majority of folks with land off of Carrier Rd entered into leasing agreements last year with Chesapeake. Chesapeake & Anadarko have agreed to 'joint exploration' and Anadarko has so far so been the corp responsible for the current drilling ops both up at Hyner and off of Rt 44 (the rig which you can see from the Black Forest Inn).
Geoloc: Tangoscootac

In the area of Bear Swamp, specifically the Peacock Road, has had a gas line buried along the road this summer and near by in the state forest where well heads already exist, there has been a tracked vehicle surveying surface areas around the well heads. My hunch is that they are looking for the best ways/paths to run a pipeline out of that area of the forest.

I’ve been solicited by Nextenergy.

I’m interested in info sharing and perhaps creating a bargaining unit.
What price per acre were they offering and did they mention a royalty percentage?


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