What's going on by the Dollar General. Is that some kind of gas or oil crew??? Thought everone moved ot of state?

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Clintonville, OH? Clintonville, PA? Clintonville, WV?

 is t

think he is talking about Clintonville pa north of Pittsburgh  but all the o and g companies have not left pa ....still some rigs in southwest corner and up in the northeast........there are wells being drilled in all 3 states just not as many

Talking about Clintonville Pa.I see rigs and brn offs all along rt. 308 in Butler county

Hey Murph !!  Butler is Rex country, No ???  ;-)

I believe its the crew staging area for the pipeline crew that is building the ETP pipeline from concord twp to allegheny twp. The pipeline will carry edgemarc energy gas.  

Thank You. I just wish they would come back and sign us.Been signed twice.And they backed out of both. Oh well


interactive map of operating rigs in the USA

over 30 rigs running in PA


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