Mark West has been calling me about a compressor station they want to build on my land.  They want 30 ac. and said they would only develope 10-13 ac.  Does anyone know what that is worth to me.  sounds like a pretty big facility...  do they make much noise ???      HELP....    Guernsey co.  millwood township..

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If your venison tastes bad, you're doing it wrong. I've had plenty of venison that others processed that wasn't fit to eat. That's why I butcher my own and control the process from well placed shot to freezer and then to the dinner table. We put 5 in the freezer last year.

350 acres $3.5MM
New House $500M
$4MM (million)
What problem?

Thats not reality Tim,  Mark West wont play like that.  i tried to get them to give me a little more for a pipline easement, they said no and went around me..  plus i love my place.

If you love your place and enjoy peace & quiet don't do it unless you NEED the money OR if it is "out of sight, out of mind."

We all want money. BUT   That 350 ac is my get a way.  it took me a long time to save, locate, buy and build.  it is dead quiet accept for Rex well being fracked over the hill.  i am slated for a well in late 2014, so do i really want the compressor ??  maybe maybe not.

I will take it( for the right price of course!), I have 30 acres near the XTO site in Monroe county that is surrounded by State land no one to hear it but the deer!

I believe that Blue Racer has paid $12,000 per acre for surface rights only for land on which to place a compressor station.

Is a compressor station needed for every well pad?

No, they need them every few miles depending on the pressure of the gas flowing from the wells related to the pressure of  the pipeline that they are feeding into. This is a very good link from the U.S. Department of Energies Argonne laboratory about Natural Gas Pipeline Technology that should answer all of your questions about pipelines and compressors.  

Held Hostage,  did you ever end up selling your 100 acres?  I was worried that it was going to make my property taxes go way up since my land is also in Millwood twp.  BTW MarkWest has just finshed putting the pipeline across my property just east of Quaker City.  They did a very neat job.

Philip is your property off of 265 maybe half a mile before eldon on the left

That sounds about right.  I am just to the south of the Rex Anderson well pad.


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