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Any guesses as to when the drilling may expand Westward in the Ohio Utica?

what countys in particular?

like; western Guernsey county?

Tusc. Ohio

i don't think it's possible to guess the when and where. however a landowner may be able to get a better idea of their prospects by answers to a few questions. you may be in the dry gas window like the majority of us. the dry gas areas suffer the most competition and the highest producing areas benefit the most. the condensate area in Ohio will benefit from the Ethane stream demand but even within that window, component variation may mean a neighbor 2 miles away cashes in first. the oil side has it's advantages as well. see if you find operating cos. in your co. and production reports. i know Montage [Eclipse] has very little land in Tusc. co. for example. estimates of gas in place are available on the net. Marcellus or Utica or if lucky like your southern neighbors stacked play. lower production potential areas everywhere will be developed, but, sorry to say not in some of our life times. but then again you really never know.

big fight in the oil patch last night. Oxy Pete bellied up to the bar and sucker punched Chevron over mutual girlfriend Anadarko over 10000 well locations. they are on the floor, tables, chairs....

Time for some to think DVN , some believe they hold the BE$T Delaware ........

 CDEV  not too shabby either ..............

the Oxy/Chev brawl may be a catalyst for more merger action. bottom line for M-U region is when associated gas is brought to market. getting ready for sub $ 2.00 NG base price, and still no New England market. the big kids plan is to vertically integrate waste gas through their direct LNG investment on the Gulf. two years from now the world will look alot different than today. no one should count their chickens 'til they chirp.

Someone I know has an HBP well just one mile from the nearest pipeline, a single neighbor's past actions blocking development. Any hope? 

hard to say without total info. is it an old East verticle?

yes. I don't like to say too much, as I never know where the liar, sorry, neighbor may be listening. 

i hear that. i think you would be all Marcellus over there and alot of the old East pads may not be used or need significant enlargement, if used. the V designation wells were used to HBP. those old East leases, now Shell, often are to "deepest depth drilled". Utica depth may allow landowners to renegotiate if the opportunity arises. that has occurred up county.


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