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When following PA DEP e-facts reports there is always a description for the permit application, ie., facility, site, Erosion & Sedimentation, etc, etc.   Is there a DEP information site that describes what each description means?

like herding cats, the whens and wheres are pretty tough. the trend seems to be towards concentrating developement in higher producing areas and in blocks that will fully drain portions of the reservoir. signals like third party investments are tells. the obvious is the cracker/chem. infrastructure committment. the liquids area produces the specialty crop needed to feed the huge animal which may help insulate from dry gas market challenges a bit more. both fresh water and produced water pipelines by third partys may be a positive in those areas that someone is confident brings high production and demand for their service. like a store opening to supply goldminers with shovels and pans or farm implement dealers in big ag. areas. all companys have issues and we'll see more m&a going forward to increase economies of scale which will still require operating under a low price environment regardless of scale. as far as moving outward, that space may be filled by venture capital type investment since the best areas are mostly already taken. some companys still have large areas not HBP which they will either drill somewhat randomly, continue leasing cost or walk away from. lots of unpredicables.

At what point does a gas company consider selling or  shutting down their operations?   EQT is having problems, CNX stock price continues to fall and others seem to be having problems, too.   Are there other gas companies looking to take over  these types of companies?  Anadarko seems to be going through a change now.   Will we see many changes in 2019?   Who are the buyers....Chevron possibly?   

Where is CNX Resources headed these days?   Stock price is down below $8 and a key employee has just left.

looks like they are just caught up in the same boat as other e&p's. they project 500 mil. free cash flow in 2020. one glimmer of hope for the sector is stock accumulation by insiders within some companys. that may be picking up.

At what point is a E&P in trouble?   CNX stock is now at $7.82 and going down.

when they can't pay their bills. higher stock price makes it easier to borrow. with companys moving towards free cash flow and funding operations internally, the lower stock price while important,isn't as life threatening. unless i'm missing something i don't see CNX in any particular financial distress.

Who left?

O&G company has suspended my royalties in a producing unit, trying to get me to sign a division order with a lower amount. They claim they found an unreleased NPRI from the 1800s on 10 acres and have suspended 110. They have not been paying for 60 acres for 15 months - and that is a lot of money. What should be my next step?

lawyer up

How do I pick the right attorney?

Krugliac & wilkins, Canton ,Ohio. big firm. all about oil&gas .should have a website.


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