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Leidy is an important hub for moving gas to many markets including from your area. Leidy field was converted to storage in 1959 by Texas Eastern & Transco. Columbia, Transco, TE, CNG [Dominion] & NFG  hub into Leidy as a trading & billing point. many projects have occurred, are ongoing and planned to increase flow volumes through Leidy. they could be discussed in detail, however being a NG history buff, start at the beginning. the earliest well for domestic use in that area was drilled in 1864. systematic drilling began in 1922 with varying results. in 1950 Dorcie Calhoun drilled an Oriskany "out of control" @ 15mmcf 4200# in the first foot of formation @ 5660'. CNG through old NY State Natural had land lease control of the area and moved a rig in. the BIG one @ 145mmcf ushered in the Leidy boom. Red Adair even showed up in 1952 as out of control became common. it was a huge but short lived production phase prior to storage conversion, but serves today as an integral feature in our modern NG system. the history of Appalachin gas is a fascinating topic.

Thanks OT - the Leidy Station (s) have always been interesting to me.   Our personal wells have flowed shallow well gas through the DTI in Jefferson County for the past 50 years.   We have great anticipation that sometime in the near future Utica/MS gas from our area will join that gas.   By-passing the Leidy Stations seems to be an effective way of increasing that demand need from the western part of PA.  Before retiring I spent many years providing service to the stations for equipment service work.   The whole idea & value for these stations was and is still intriguing to me.  Your history and recollection of that history is nice to learn.   How do you see the future for changes to this system which will enhance takeaway capacity and further drilling in Central PA?   More pipelines are needed in Northern Indiana County & SE Jefferson County to impact more drilling activity.   Is the NG electric power plant still being planned for Renova?  Thanks!  

already lots of things done for Leidy flow increase. Dominions Sweden Valley project should help but NFG's NE Enhancement will push more through with included compression upgrades. lots of looping and the TG 300 moved alot more. remember the big Worthingtons? i worked with some extinct "monsters" back in the day.

Montage is choking on a bone! i bet Rinehart wishes he would have kept headquarters in Pa. where they should be. Encap is just next door to his office and i can just imagine the bloody mess.

i knew we should have stayed short. yikes!

Anything that ever touched Gary Evans is tainted .....

moving headquarters out of basin of operations is not inspiring confidence. because a few execs. didn't want to move the kids north to cold Pa. puts the operation in flux for the people that work in and out of the field. catering to the people who accomplish the tasks is all important to success. take your silly cowboy hats off and buy a warm beanie. welcome to Pa.

Are you referring to Worthington compressors? 

yeah. and it looks like Renovo is still on but having issues related to PJM because of so much current capacity on elec. grid. they need to be able to sell production before financing becomes available.

seems like this week more companys have referred to their long lateral drilling programs than at any other time since Eclipse began the practice. EQT,Range Resources and SWN all tout the destinction of "longest lateral ever drilled",for about a week until the next one reports. still haven't heard who DWS is working with. that's supposed to be the current "big one". simple econ 101, economies of scale at work. to the naysayers. long lateral drilling is just way cool. drill long and prosper.

Montage Resources down 10.4% yesterday on 7.5 times average trading volume. down 42% since merger. closed well below prior supporting closing low. takeover hounds are sniffing. somebody is buying at lower and lower price. we'll see Tues. what the company has to say.

Quality gassers are getting punched out , outfits like Montage will suffer greatly ... Where will future financing come from / at what cost ???????????

 PS. CNX has been destroyed this week 


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