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Bullfrex. you mentioned an interest in refracking comparisons. take a look at Swepi Pierson 810 pad, Gaines twp. permit #117-20926. wells 2H 4H 7H 8H. these have been inactive since 3/14/12. 2H 4H produced 180 days @ 2300mcf. 7H 8H no production. Tilden bought the lease from Shell recently. Tilden is related to Rockdale. they are actively fracking 7&8 now for sure. a site visit confirms the completions super. as Rockdale's. their consultant was a Weatherford employee but Weir is onsite so maybe he jumped due to the bankruptcy. bottom line whether they redo 2&4 or not, to compare a current gen. completion with 2012 off the same pad will be worth following. i did notice a substantial on pad compression facility. that sticks out like a sore thumb to me. low pressure,low production.

Thanks OT...I will check it out.

Tilden also sold their gathering system to UGI , like Rockdale did in the eastern side of Tioga co. this was done right after the Shell settlement. they also took a mortgage to finance operations. they know the 2H & 4H are effectively ruined due to being shutin 7 years with only 3 mos. of flowback. no workover ops. will restore the original low production rates at this point. this is really a good academic study for anyone in the M-U to compare current completion designs with 7 yr. old designs, to the other  old 4 producing wells on the same pad. parent/child well issues could be an issue at this point with years of reservoir drainage nearby. 

OT,you mention work over opps. do you mean the cleaning of the wells.

yeah. there are other wells down in the Marshlands that were TIL for just 3 months. they have been shutin for 7 yrs. the brine would have scaled the wells to the point i wouldn't think acid washing and reaming would bring them back. they were low producers to start with and some are nearly 400 feet in depth variance. obviously searching for payzone. not official, but i think a refrack may be the plan to see if they can get something going. i don't expect much Marcellus but a Utica test will be needed.

OT,do you think Shell has been laxed on the maintenance of there wells?

for whatever reason they just shutin some wells with simular production compared to others on the same pads. who knows why. to bring these back without a current gen. completion isn't likley. 7yrs. ago there weren't nearly as many perforations done, or as much proppant applied. also the advantage of real time visuals of fracture responce and reservoir management procedures. even some of Ultra's Geneseo wells at 50mcf are still TIL. this is kind of an out of the ordinary situation which is what makes it interesting.

Thanks for this info, this will be an interesting example to keep an eye on for the application of refracking

OT,should M-U wells be cleaned while there in production or are they cleaning themselves with pressure?

i never heard of cleaning out shale wells. like you say the flow self clears. not many have been shutin for 7 yrs. like Tilden is working with. they may have to go in during initial workover to clean out blockages multiple times, but that should be it. just to be clear Tilden is working with two [DUC] drilled uncompleted 7yr.old and two shutin 7 yr. old wells. two different approaches.

OT,what causes iron sulfide in the wells. thanks for replying

H2S is naturaly occuring in oil and gas wells. it's called "sour gas". only in some areas or instances are concentrations above 10ppm encountered. it is potentialy fatal in higher concentrations and requires special procedures. biocides are used in frac fluid like we use in diesel tanks because of bacteria that feeds on a related iron component contributing to iron sulfide scaling. dry gas shale wells here are probably less prone to high levels of sour gas, but still deal with the sulfide/bacteria issue @ low concentrations. your question just reminded me of a sulphur burning system we used in a separate structure. procedure was full Scott airpack entry. middle of the night cheating consisted of prop door open, deep breath hold, get in and out quick. just a whiff was enough to put an elephant down. "sour gas" is no joke and procedures are in place for good reason.


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