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it would be better and cheaper and more environmentally friendly to use pipelines. problem is states like N.Y. which are resisting pipelines. the rail and truck transport method is a way around these states illogical energy policies.

historically there has always been industrys that have gone by the wayside due to new technological advancements. the horse and buggy gave way to the automobile for example. during the overlap periods, special protections were given to companys like wagon wheel builders, and other fading technologys. solar and wind are examples of already fading technologys, propped up by true believers, sellers and government intervention, before even getting started. new tech. like carbon sequestration, fuel cell advancements and even micro nukes built using 3D printers,render solar and wind obsolete already, before most people even realize the trend. no sense debating the wagon wheel salesman.

A British Nat Gas supplier is testing a 20% mix of Hydrogen with Nat Gas , they claim it will be cleaner ........

 There is a Hydrogen gas pump at a gas station here on Long Island , the Hydro pump looks like a regular gasoline pump and is on a separate Island at a large gas station ...... 

 Hydrogen may overcome the electric car someday .. 

Montage Resources conference call transcripts are available. looks like a good 1st qtr. Painter 2H continues to exceed expectations. they report being in counter party negotiations regarding Flat Castle developement joint venture. they don't believe a price could be met for an outright asset sale since the performance is begining to compete with Ohio for capital deployment, increasing Flat Castle value above offers. may be an announcement coming soon. hopefully the action will restart here in a few months as is their goal.

There does not seem to be much mention of Utica Resource Operating, LLC out of Marietta, Ohio. They bought out PDC a few years back. Unitized where they wanted to lease in a few small areas or Belmont, Guernsey and a little in Noble. A few permits and drilling here and there per ODNR, but never much mention of them on any forums that I see anyway. (Maybe that's a good thing?) Have you heard of them, and if so can you tell us the good, bad and ugly! Do they look promising as they seem reserved? Richland Twp, Guernsey Co, Ohio

just based on a net search, looks like a small partnership, 1-10 employees. around 30 wells with 1.2 mmcf gas production and 113bbls oil. as you point out 2 permits in Guernsey. the PDC purchase looks like they got 43000 ac. don't know if they had anything before that. doesn't look like they have actually done any drilling as a stand alone, but i don't have anywhere near the Ohio info. as compared to Pa. here we have a split state system. one is administered by our DEP. the other by DCNR. the in depth o&g info. is via DCNR Geological, but requires a $ 5000 state fee for access. Ohio folks may want to check how o&g related info. is administered, as here the public can access our DCNR system at two state locations during business hours free. this could answer alot of specific questions if that would be the case. 

just informed that ELS surveyors were spotted in Montage Flat Castle area. that means money is flowing again.  ?

So maybe the promised water pipe line will be re installed????

Most all of the activity is taking place a mile or so west of the Potter county line.  The oversize "PIN WHEELS"  up Dodge Hollow must be close to being erected. A huge crane and a smaller one have been moved into their staging area just east of Potter Brook.

With all the rain, I'd think all preparation for whatever would be delayed or even halted!

Granddad Ladd

the surveyors have been spotted all around the Twp. definately working for Montage. the really big crane is up Dodge. their foreman told me it's the biggest in N. America. they were to pull pieces in this month with 8 wheel drive Oshkosh heavy trucks. 420' windmills that won't generate any more power than a Honda generator from Home Depot. should make for huge "bird heaps" though.

How many turbines are they placing there? My concern would be the subsonic noise that will be generated and it's impact on the surrounding environs.....including the good people who live there.

When will this madness stop? We need Trump for another 4 years to continue to derail and obliterate the Liberal ills infecting our great country.

OT....whayda think the Federal fine/punishment would be if we chose to intentionally kill a Bald Eagle?

i believe they are installing a couple dozen. suppose to be the largest in U.S. 400'+ tall. even at 2MW capacity each, they will produce power less than 50% of the time. this could supply power to several thousand homes,half of the time. by contrast the last plant i was assigned to [twin units] generated 1500MW 95.8% of the time. enough for 1.2 million homes most of the time. beyond the taxpayer subsidies for wind power, the rules written by politicians are. higher cost wind and solar are dispatched first and base load plants are backed down by mandate, forcing less sales on investor owned cheaper producing and more efficient plants. mandatory revenue shift. however the required redunancy in generation construction to fill the 50% renewable no generation void is never charged back or accounted for. the additional carbon discharged by plant load swings to compensate for renewable variabilty isn't considered as well. like a diesel truck revving it's engine up and down vs. steady cruising. this reality negates the carbon neutrality argument alone. i don't see the madness stopping anytime soon because most people have no idea how their energy is created or recieved. a mystery is easily manipulated for a special interests advantage.

For many of the reasons you have stated, Bill Gates (yeah, that Bill Gates), a noted and vocal anti in the Green movement, has recanted and stated publicly that....(paraphrased) "Renewables are not cost effective or good for the planet. The future of CO2 free electricity is Nuclear."

Now I don't know about you, but I think Mr. Gates is a pretty shrewd and forward thinking individual.

If only the renewables folks would do the science and the economics, we might end this madness. The fact that the Anti's will not even consider nuclear that is mind boggling.

We would need to loosen regulatory and financial restrictions....and you don't permit, design and build a nuclear power plant in months....we're talking years...maybe 10 for the new Gen IV designs.

In the meantime, natural gas is the most economical and clean burning option we have.

Get over it!!!


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