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Montage Painter 2H  produced 683317 mcf this period. continued incremental monthly increases in total production. 22042mcf/da. av. 3 miles west may be higher yet.

What county and Twp is the painter 2H well in ?

Tioga Co. Pa. Westfield Twp. state report under Eclipse. some private reporting under Travis Peak, original pad. owned now by Montage.

Now if only the royalty payments would go back to the original level.......

I'm sure that several land owners have borrowed money in hopes that royalties would more then make their monthly payments.

Granddad Ladd

looks like a definite refrack by Tilden on Pierson 810 2H&4H. these were the two operated for just 6mos., 7yrs. shutin. state has stim. notice on file.

Tilden has scheduled two more pads for 7 yr. old refracks and DUC completions. this will be the most NG shale well refracks i'm aware of. just talked to a crew off the pad. it's a coupon clipper job, but will be interesting to see results. 

Looking forward to seeing the comps of these four wells after all is completed.

Thank you OT for this information....much appreciated!

from what i was told there could be as many as twelve total on the schedule. six DUC's and six refracks. the contractors were told the Thomas pad is next. there are several potential methods in the refrack toolbox but i haven't got full details yet. a complete installation of a smaller diameter production casing and current gen. completion would be the topshelf choice. however they are so cheap the roads are already so bad a trucker destroyed a differential on a rutted section. one or two triaxle loads would have fixed it. i went through the spot. they also have gone low on contractor skill set list for price control.

Having to pass the staging area for the oversize pinwheels several times weekly, Lu and I noticed three of the huge blades have been delivered this morning. I have no idea how long each blade is. but several car lengths  long. Later one section of the  base had been trucked in a few minutes before a heavy rainstorm with thunder and lightning appeared about noon in the area. Trailers with 48 wheels are on the scene with two huge pulling and the other pushing from behind.  WOW!

Granddad Ladd

Oshkosh 8x8's. now "that's a truck".

Granddad. drive out the Mixtown Rd. to just before the Douglass farm. look to the right [NW] to the distant ridge. that's the "BIG" crane. the only thing i can say about the "eagle beaters" is they play with cool toys. our IT person just hollered that Microsoft has agreed to purchase all power generated by this project for their virtue signaling. how insane to think a killowatt of electricity will find it's way to Seattle Wash. from Westfield Pa. it'll take an Oshkosh to push that CRAP!

Anyone know anything about CX Energy?   Who are they, and do they work for gas companies for leasing gas rights?  


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