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Several months ago Lu and I drove right past the Douglas farm  to the first road to the right. We drove out this road to where  there was much activity was being done,  clearing  trees and road work. off to our left.  Was one of the "Pinwheel sites"  We opted to continue past that area. The road continued to deteriorate. Mudholes and washouts and ruts greeted us.  Some attempts to fix these places had been done. We decided to turn around at the first place that looked promising  and leave the area. 

I'm not as venturesome as I was thirty years years ago.....Better to not get in a situation where I have to walk out!

Granddad Ladd

Curiosity here… many concrete trucks are making deliveries in the turbine area?

It is my understanding that the pads these turbines stand on require 100's of yards of concrete.

It might be a portable batch plant, but the stone and sand, if not native to the site, has to be trucked in.

How about it guys.....any observations regarding concrete pads? Inquiring minds want to know.....

OT, this is subsidy farming at its' best....and when the wind isn't blowing, will Microsoft shut down? LOL

Bill Gates recently has publicly opined that renewables will never provide reliable power at a reasonable cost. He further questioned why the Green Blob will not embrace Nuclear power....didn't Microsoft get the memo on renewables vs. nuclear? 

Lu and I took a trip to the turbine area yesterday (Saturday the 26th) to photograph the huge crane. A worker came to our car to tell us many concrete trucks were approaching us and best that we turn around to go back. Three empty concrete trucks had already passed by us on their way out. The worker told us that their goal for the day was 100 loads.  He visited with us for a few minutes and told us there wae a bear or two seen in the area and some deer running away from the area. Just then he heard some trucks approaching the intersection where he was to direct the loaded concrete trucks to the right. He said the best time to take pictures of the crane was TODAY (the 26th)  as there wouldn't be any traffic in the area.

I am not very familiar with the that particular area so I'm not sure what road I was on.

Granddad Ladd

CX is Like the middleman for selling your interests, they have the get togethers at the local Hampton Inn and other hotel’s offering services to buy and or help you sell your interests. Just another lowball paying outfit like all the rest. They just had one at Hampton inn in Waynesburg on the 23 rd. They even conveniently have attorneys there too just in case ya want to sign them over on the spot.

Thanks Carp

Was CX Energy once affiliated with the CNX Resources company?

I don’t think so but I’m not for sure, they have approached me on a couple of occasions, even coming out to meet with me a few years back, only to offer a low ball price on land and minerals.

How do most gas companies handle lease negotiations?  Do they have their own land departments or do they hire out independent companies to represent them?   How about CNX Resources, which do they use?

a couple of interesting things this week. two Pa. reps have introduced a bill to counter Gov. Wolfe's severance tax on NG.  it would expand o&g on state land to fund the special interest proposals in Wolfe's plan instead of severance tax. good idea except it has been ruled unconstitutional by Pa. Supreme Court in PEDF v Commonwealth[2017]. no gas money can be used from the o&g Fund except for conservation related projects. PEDF has threatened Wolfe with additional suits for violating the court. neither party will allow discussions at committee level to return o&g proceeds to state citizens. both sides want our money. Amicus briefs are available to read in Briggs v SWN, a huge o&g case pending before Pa. Supreme court, potential huge backbreaker, now funded by big anti money. another newsworthy developement being China's threat to embargo rare earth minerals. these elements are needed in many essential items. renewable energy mandates now being reliant on rare earth minerals have become potential national security risks. states like NY could become increasingly dependant on China like Middle East crude dependancy. perhaps an allstop on renewable mandates based on national security risks should be considered.

I had that same thought while reading about the rare earth metals being weaponized by China. They are the gorilla in the room and feeling stronger everyday.

This could be the impetus to slow or stop the Renewables craze....Greens won't listen to reason or adhere to economic reality.

The Law of Unintended Consequences could surely be in play here...and certainly not a moment too soon, IMHO.

Is anyone following or hearing about any follow-up legislation to revise Section 2.1 of PA Senate Bill from the 2014 legislative year pertaining to allowing gas companies to pool existing leases that don't contain express pooling language?

I recall that Section 2.1 was inserted at the last minute to appease the E&P companies while at the same time taking away all leverage that a mineral right owner might have been able to use to re-negotiate a pre-1970's  (Minimum Royalty Act) lease.  

search Pa. Act 259, Act 66 2013 now part of section 34.1 Pa. oil and gas lease act. EQT v Opatkiewicz was successful for EQT in 2014 based on the 34.1 section.


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