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Hey OT....a question. A well pad in production has shown a significant % decline in production for April vs. March 2019. It had been chugging along at 2-2.5% a month for the last 8 months (out of 20 total months of production)...and jumped to a 6-6.5% decline. month over month.

Any insight??

There were new wells coming on line in April in the near area, and they most certainly share the same gathering line(s).

Happy Fathers Day to all!

could be gathering flow restrictions or a combination of flow control for reservoir management. you may not be seeing pressure drops, just production decline rate. a wells position on the gathering line can be a factor. an older lower pressure well at the tail end could recieve a venturi effect with valving. at the other end it would have to push against new well higher pressures. 

What is meant by "pressure managed draw down" ?   CNX uses this description for some of their wells.

they are all using software which measures alot, but mostly it consists of controlling the pressure via ckoking to maintain a slow pressure drop over time. draw down is just letting the gas out of the shale formation. more total amounts are being achieved by controlling wells with high tech software programs than even a couple years ago. the pressures drops does the gas volume remain basically consistent or does it decline as well?  What is the purpose for doing this?  What is being achieved with this procedure?  Does this procedure extend the life of the well?  What does it mean if a gas company needs to do this procedure?

as pressures drop so do volume/flows. that's decline rate. controlling the well within parameters extends life and total recoverys. running a new well too hard risks sand loss and premature fracture closure near in to the wellbore. that won't allow gas farther out to flow into the bore. the latest methods use learned intelligence software to continually optimize reservoir management in each unique shale structure. simple goal being maximize total production over the extended life of the well. more money.

this individual well pressure managed concept has extended into larger multi well developement as well. the trend is towards multi adjoining production units drilled close to the same time so as to reduce the negative effects of pressure differential zones between older and newer wells. more intense developement in specific areas should lead to higher production in the long run compared to jumping all over the place somewhat randomly. i've heard the term used entering the "factory developement phase."

get'n a lil' wild here this morn. the crew has been"discuss'n" the Demo debates and all the give aways being proposed. one of our grizzled dinosaurs just stated he would vote Democrat for the very first time if Bernie would promise to pay his bar tab for the past 50 years. we could swing the trillions for the lil' b-----ds college keggers, but no way this dudes bar tab. believe that!

I am going to vote for anyone proposing "Old Age Reparations". My hand is so far out my shoulder is dislocated.

Vote Dem if you want:

high taxes

high gas prices

high prices on almost everything

high teenagers

an nice clean environment of the likes of San Francisco and LA

a weaponized federal executive branch (IRS, AG, F Bee I) like we just saw with last admin

and a man in the womans restroom.

Gov. Inslee in last nights debate proposes to decarbonize the U.S. energy system by shifting transportation and thermal fossil fuel demand onto the electrical grid. at the same time replacing current generation with wind and solar. now we have politicians and the "Starbucks Mob" redesigning our energy systems. today as i look to the horizon we finally see two tower sections of the 90MW wind project Microsoft is buying the power from. bear in mind the public statement was to have 8 machines fully completed by now. this is one of the most inept projects i've seen. they are years behind original schedule. vote Jay Inslee for lights out!

I didn't watch (ok....full disclosure.....COULDN'T WATCH) the debate last night, nor will I be tuning in for tonight's debate. I did read some analysis of the debate this morning, and it seems the Climate Change subject was less discussed than I anticipated.

I am hopeful that Trump gets going on the Climate Change program with Will Happer as the lead. I have no delusions that any of the MSM will cover any of their findings, but it will be great to be able to say "we told you so" when this renewable madness finally dies.

If, as some real scientists are projecting (as well as some learned members of this board), the 'warming' observed as the Earth exits the Little Ice Age, will come to an end as the various Ocean multi-decadal cycles all turn cooler, with the weak solar cycle also adding to that phenom.

It will hopefully start showing soon, so the grid weaknesses caused by the incorporation of various solar/wind installations will come to the fore and cause a few outages during the coldest part of the harm wished on anyone....but maybe a little pain to open their eyes.


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