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For many of the reasons you have stated, Bill Gates (yeah, that Bill Gates), a noted and vocal anti in the Green movement, has recanted and stated publicly that....(paraphrased) "Renewables are not cost effective or good for the planet. The future of CO2 free electricity is Nuclear."

Now I don't know about you, but I think Mr. Gates is a pretty shrewd and forward thinking individual.

If only the renewables folks would do the science and the economics, we might end this madness. The fact that the Anti's will not even consider nuclear that is mind boggling.

We would need to loosen regulatory and financial restrictions....and you don't permit, design and build a nuclear power plant in months....we're talking years...maybe 10 for the new Gen IV designs.

In the meantime, natural gas is the most economical and clean burning option we have.

Get over it!!!

 the 1979 TMI accident stopped what clearly would be a nuclear dominated power/gen sector today. i was stationed in a facility within eyesight of TMI cooling towers during the accident. a friend inside TMI kept us informed of the "realtime story". we were told stay or terminate employment. our company then was in nuclear construction process which a couple of years later resulted in credit downgrades and stock price collapse. that single event thwarted what otherwise would have been a fuel shift. the transition to NG today, i have no doubt,would otherwise not be occurring in the same way it is. nuclear design and safety features today are far beyond older designs. it is the most power dense fuel source. special interests behind renewables are not invested in nuclear, hence the entrenched position. the uninformed masses which are necessary to push the agenda  still suffer "Jane Fonda China Syndrome". making them useful for their agenda. there have been historical energy inflection points, TMI and shale gas another, but physics and power density will ALWAYS rule the equation. Bill Gates gets it. i deal with my own bias due to the experience, but, i also get it.

as i follow the day to day energy world issues and list the greatest threats to our M-U shale interests,number one on the list are POLITICIANS! the "Green New Deal" highlights how placing people in a job of great power and influence over our daily lives, via a popularity contest, has such negative possibiltys for society. without the confines of meritocracy found in other occupations, it's like electing Lizzie Borden for brain surgeon.

Anyone else notice the ODNR website give you an error when you try to view the 5/11 permits issued report?

Yes, since Tuesday evening I have received error message on new permit report.

Question-------Does anyone know if you need to own your mineral rights to have a disposal well on you property?

Interesting question bo,

No expert here, but the owner of the subsurface rights (OGMs) has the final say on what happens below the surface. If you only own the surface, you have no say in what happens below that.

In our case as subsurface owners only, we did not negotiate for any surface development, i.e. pads, roads, ROWs, etc.....the surface owners had that responsibility.

My thoughts are this....if the surface and subsurface are owned by two different entities (by my logic?? explained above), then BOTH owners would need to be onboard with the siting of a disposal injection well.

It seems like something to be addressed in that all important document....The Lease.

I await answers from others here with real knowledge of the correct answer.

Bullfrex. you mentioned an interest in refracking comparisons. take a look at Swepi Pierson 810 pad, Gaines twp. permit #117-20926. wells 2H 4H 7H 8H. these have been inactive since 3/14/12. 2H 4H produced 180 days @ 2300mcf. 7H 8H no production. Tilden bought the lease from Shell recently. Tilden is related to Rockdale. they are actively fracking 7&8 now for sure. a site visit confirms the completions super. as Rockdale's. their consultant was a Weatherford employee but Weir is onsite so maybe he jumped due to the bankruptcy. bottom line whether they redo 2&4 or not, to compare a current gen. completion with 2012 off the same pad will be worth following. i did notice a substantial on pad compression facility. that sticks out like a sore thumb to me. low pressure,low production.

Thanks OT...I will check it out.

Tilden also sold their gathering system to UGI , like Rockdale did in the eastern side of Tioga co. this was done right after the Shell settlement. they also took a mortgage to finance operations. they know the 2H & 4H are effectively ruined due to being shutin 7 years with only 3 mos. of flowback. no workover ops. will restore the original low production rates at this point. this is really a good academic study for anyone in the M-U to compare current completion designs with 7 yr. old designs, to the other  old 4 producing wells on the same pad. parent/child well issues could be an issue at this point with years of reservoir drainage nearby. 

OT,you mention work over opps. do you mean the cleaning of the wells.

yeah. there are other wells down in the Marshlands that were TIL for just 3 months. they have been shutin for 7 yrs. the brine would have scaled the wells to the point i wouldn't think acid washing and reaming would bring them back. they were low producers to start with and some are nearly 400 feet in depth variance. obviously searching for payzone. not official, but i think a refrack may be the plan to see if they can get something going. i don't expect much Marcellus but a Utica test will be needed.


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