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Are you referring to Worthington compressors? 

yeah. and it looks like Renovo is still on but having issues related to PJM because of so much current capacity on elec. grid. they need to be able to sell production before financing becomes available.

seems like this week more companys have referred to their long lateral drilling programs than at any other time since Eclipse began the practice. EQT,Range Resources and SWN all tout the destinction of "longest lateral ever drilled",for about a week until the next one reports. still haven't heard who DWS is working with. that's supposed to be the current "big one". simple econ 101, economies of scale at work. to the naysayers. long lateral drilling is just way cool. drill long and prosper.

Montage Resources down 10.4% yesterday on 7.5 times average trading volume. down 42% since merger. closed well below prior supporting closing low. takeover hounds are sniffing. somebody is buying at lower and lower price. we'll see Tues. what the company has to say.

Quality gassers are getting punched out , outfits like Montage will suffer greatly ... Where will future financing come from / at what cost ???????????

 PS. CNX has been destroyed this week 

CNX stock price has declined this week following the 1Q report.   How far down will it go?   What`s next for them?   What are they doing right or wrong?    

They 'promise' a lot of free cash next year . "IF" they keep their promise new investors will be very happy ....... Note 'promise' in quotes ...

Will investor`s recognize the transition period needed to move from the old way of doing business to the new "free cash flow" way now?   Who doesn`t have problems now?  In a notice the other day CNX announced they have a $2.1 million credit line, if I understand the notice correctly? 

the stock market values assets in irrational ways. look at tech. valuations which can be very high with companys showing no profits for years. the mean is the average of extremes. many e&p's are like million dollar mansions on sale for ten thousand dollars. huge amounts of private equity and venture capital sits like a cat ready to pounce. deals like Encino's blue light special via CHK's loss are lining up like a perfect storm. some have tremendous intrinsic value relative to their current stock price. the action in Montage is institutional.

What will cause those "cats" to pounce?   What about E&P companies that will attract their money? Doesn`t leased acres, well pads, pipelines, compressor stations and firm transportation contracts mean anything to investors?   Is short term growth the only factor they look at?  Are local E&P companies like CNX, H&H, Apex and others at a disadvantage over more global companies like Chevron, Exxon, Shell, Range and others?

The market is tired of broken promises ... Todays Energy Investors are demanding an actual profit ...... Those with Free Cash Flow win those who make excuses suffer...........

 AR seems to be the king of broken promises .........RRC blew it with that LA purchase , until now CNX has outspent ..... EQT is a mess , and SWN  just can;t compete ........ 

 Things might change but today its the way it is .............

it has always been hard to spot trends when the "seeds" are planted. we've been seeing consolidation for quite awhile now which reprices companys entry points. tens of billions have been burned allowing the next operator to come in at lower prices including as you mention infrastructure,production income and HBP acreage at a much lower price than some companys paid during the boom runup years. looking back it seems each decade had a trend with enourmous energy implications i and others failed to grasp at the time. the 1970's monetary effect with gasoline lines were only a symptom ushering in middle eastern nationaliztion of the oil industry creating all kinds of global energy change. this even planted the seeds of Islamic terror. the 1980's for me was the decade of digitization. we converted everything from analog to digital [computers]. instrument and controls, administration, lockout tagout, etc. the 1990's was all about dealing with market deregulation on one hand and enviro. regulation on the other. then the big Kahuna came along in the 2000's. shale gas and oil cannot in any way be underestimated regarding the global impact. exponential game changer. a whole new book is being written and where it goes is unpredicable. we are in the biggest global energy war of all time, against foreign producers and domestic Socialist/Marxist forces. by using false Enviro. attacks on U.S. energy production, they hope to regain their own market share. a large segment of our population is buying in to the  false theory that a reversal in energy density model, would result in higher standards of living. wood and dung are lowest on the scale, nuclear highest. renewables are at the low end. compare living standards with low end energy density with high end. disease,starvation, violence,etc. the big trend i see right now are the "forces" desperately trying to drive our country backwards on the energy density scale. as Earl Pitts likes to say " WAKE UP AMERICA"!


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