Is anybody noticing the deductions by Encinco. In addition to some taxes they are now deducting for “production costs”. When asked she said all leases are being reviewed and after that, the deductions would be refunded if they weren’t to deduct them. Said it would take months before they are done. Mine amounted to almost 1/3 of gross. 

Wonder if this is their way of getting cash and then will pay back months later. I didn’t notice it until now as they didn’t get the online owner info working until now. Waiting for June’s report but sounds like they are going to keep up the deductions until they finish review of all leases.

Is there anything we can do

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To repeat myself, Chesapeake dropped my Royalty by 50%, then it continued to drop during each Encino Fraud delivered by the US Mail (Mail Fraud again), OHIO RICO FRAUD after 2 Ohio Citizens Received their Theft By Deception Royalty Checks, 2 months in a row. Ohio RICO Fraud is not difficult to prove. 

I'm down to 10% of what I started with and expect to have my Royalty confiscated for telling the Truth.

When I Sign the Pitiful Checks, I write: "Accepted as Partial Payment" under my signature.

Relax, sit back, have a cold cola or a beer, some popcorn, turn on You Tube and begin Following these 3 Presenters, they Pray at the end and sometime at the beginning of their presentations in hopes that everyone who watches will take the time to investigate their words.

We Need More Awake Patriots on Our Team, that's why the Round Up of the Corrupt has been on hold for over 2 Years, to try and minimize the fear that could take place when Our Military knocks down the doors of these Corrupt Out Of Towners, and those in power that we know are corrupt.

Watch Serial Brain 2 Decodes Our President Trumps Tweets and Speeches. I'm waiting for the "Toledo" decode from the False Flag weekend in Dayton and Texas Speech by Our President, he sends messages to Patriots while the Left thinks he has made another mistake.

President Trump, in my opinion has access to a source that knows the future. Things that were said by Q in 2017 are coming true in 2019, this is called "Future Proves Past". 

Watch "And We Know" who uses Serial Brain 2s decodes for his presentations. Also watch James Red Pills America who also does incredible Presentations that show the Past and Future events. 

You might get lucky as I did yesterday to learn how JFK Jr escaped the plastic explosive attached to his airplanes tail with an Altitude fuse attached. The Q movement comes from the View above JFKs gravesite, which forms a perfect Q. The Military has always been involved in the Q movement and they have watched over JFK Jr, which is how they saw the attempt on his life in 1999. He is Trumps best buddy and will be his Vice President as soon as Hillary is locked up.

I've known JFK Jr was alive since 2017 when the house & pet sitter said that the family dog and cat came up missing on the evening of the Plane Crash and have never been seen since. I would have done the same with my pets, taken them with me in hiding.

The Swamp in Washington and Columbus are scheduled to be drained, there will be no one to protect the thieving Oil & Gas Companies, No corrupt judges, lawyers, politicians, no one. They will be placed under the protection of Our Miltary at GITMO. The US Treasury will own the Oil and Gas wells and will pay us per the New Royalty that we ask since all Leases in Ohio were signed illegally without Real Estate Licensed Land People. 

God Drops Gifts In Many Citizens Laps but they sometime don't recognize them. I watch for the gifts and put them to work for me as I shine the Light on Evil.  God Wins, Ohio Wins. We will have the Bright Future Promised before the theft began and those we trusted threw us to the Wolves. 

Ron Hale, are OK?   You talk as if you believe John Kennedy is still alive.  Do you really think that he is? 

Granddad Ladd

It's being done right now, hold on to Your Bonnet, the Storm is Here. Read my posts, they are intended to inform US Patriots of The Plans in progress.

Pray for Our President Trump, he has saved Our Bacon in more ways than You know. The TRUTH will be revealed per the Plan.

I think you are in the wrong forum.

agreed.  email blowing up with a bunch of nonsense posts about swamps and whatever is getting a bit annoying.  I'm not sure what half that rambling even means

The ramblings mean that those you work for are going on a Free Flight to a Rent Free cell.

But lets make them think that this isn't True by doing what you and others do best, attack those who have been stolen from for too long.

It's all Conspiracy Fact, and there is no correct forum for telling the Truth when it's related to Your industry, but that too will change.

So I will hold back what I know and each of You will have to learn the Truth in a non-digestible Truth drop from Our President.

Your World will never be the same, but that's Good News for US Citizens and especially Landowners who have suffered the un-sufferable, theft by their fellow man.

One day in the distant future, each of You will stand before Your creator who will ask you to explain Your actions. My bet is You choke.

The Truth that Satan is real will soon be revealed. Satan didn't make himself, which is evidence that God does exist and Your appointment has been scheduled. But this isn't the forum for Religion, or Conspiracy Fact, this is Oil & Gas, so drill on like there is no tomorrow.

..............breaks away to Satan skipping and whistling “This Land is your land” down the road of “Good Intent”

ARE YOU THREATENING ME?  actually your not worth wasting the time and effort.   enjoy the side show people.

Poor Kathryn probably didn't even get a semi decent response to her question

You’re right I’m still waiting. I’ve called Encino twice more and still got the same run around that the are looking into the leases which will take “several” months. Asked to clarify the time frame that it could take over a year. No response but “several” months. Will call again when the check comes. 

Wasn’t sure if there was anything we could do as a group 

That's strange, Encino's Ohio Temp said my lease has an issue that will allow further reductions, and there isn't much left to take, although I'm on 4 Well producing over 13 million a year each. 

Even a Dairy Farmer knows that there are not that many variations in leases: ALOV, SURE, K_D, Patriot, plus Chesapeake bought all of the other leases like Eric Kitchen Table Petroleum.

Now there's an ignoramus, sues his "landmen" to avoid paying them a $10 per acre bonus (no ehtics at all) and exposes the fact that EVERY OHIO LEASE AND RIGHT OF WAY CONTRACT WAS NEGOTIATED ILLEGALLY BY landmen THAT WEREN"T LICENSED REALTORS. Columbus had to  jump through hoops to fix the issue, but that dog still won't  hunt, since. Deception in (Real Estate) Writings has protected Ohioans since the first lease was signed.

Those who hide in the Houston Office are paying Encino Betty Hammer (spelled the same as the NSA Super Computer "The Hammer" that will put her away, what a coincidence) to handle this Ohio RICO Fraud so I would try to contact her using info she has provided.

So far her email address isn't valid and the Office won't sign for Certified US Mail, so try calling her office girls and ask for Betty. She talked to me the first month of theft.

If You want to help Our "Cause", write a note or 3 page letter as I did, and send it Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested so You will know the message has been received, to US Attorney General Bill Barr.

AG Barr's people will forward Your letter to the same folks that my letter went, and possibly move Ohio to the top of the list for the coming "Activity".

US Attorney General William Barr

950 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, DC   20530-0001

There will be hangings, so have You popcorn ready when GITMO goes live on TV for those very special individuals who's greed & Treason almost destroyed Our Nation.

This I promise all who care to know.

The last time I called Encino, I called their Ohio office. Per the "Newsletter" there is one person manning the phones. When I called he was quick to tell me that they found a problem with my Lease.

Thinking back, I didn't give my owner number and my first thought was that Encino would have to find my lease before they could declare that there was a problem.

I was told by Encino Betty in Houston that she "understood that we had been treated unfairly by Chesapeake, so her office would review Our leases over the month and  pay us per the leases. 

A Landowner I know heard a similar story, but the individual said there were thousands of leases so it could take months to review them all. The Landowner continued by saying to me "There are actually only 5 or 6 leases, it shouldn't take that long to review them". I was impressed that this individual was on target in his thinking, and told him so. 

With the SURE, ALOV, and KWD leases making up a large majority of Ohio's leases, in which it is stated many times and many ways that the Royalties are Gross No Deduction royalties within the 15 pages of Landowner Protection,  I feel confident that Encino, like Chesapeake has a problem with being honest, and that's putting it mildly.

I believe that O&G companies feel out the territory by incrementally reducing royalties, as Chesapeake did, and now Encino is doing.

At each reduction, they check to see if the "coast is clear", or that someone who "Counts" steps up to question how a 1% Royalty can be reduced to 0.1% or why the minimum 1/8th (12%) that use to be a standard in WV, PA and Ohio isn't being paid. Let's see how it plays out.

It 's obvious to me that the NSA using their Hammer Super Computer has already reviewed the bank accounts of Encino's employees to see where the money went. The NSA has the largest parking lot I've ever seen, and it's full folks who love to take down those who have been destroying Our Country with their Greed and Corruption.

Like an Encino letter I re-read recently said, "We should Rest Easy".  

I believe those who will soon be sleepless with worry will be those who have committed another fraud against US Citizens thinking the coast was clear, then here came the Storm, complements of Our President Donald J. Trump.

The documents that are the bases for the Storm are on the Website   

Good Night doug lawler, where ever you are.

I spoke with another Landowner today, Encino like Chesapeake doesn't discriminate against Landowners, they are all stolen from Equally.

I fear those who think that theft is a misdemeanor or OK with most state reps, lawyers and judges, realize that many will hang at GITMO and other Military Tribunal Locations.

Destroying Our Country with run away greed is Treason, especially when the company is backed by China, France, Canada, Austrailia and other uninvited countries allowed into Our Shale Play by Chesapeake.

Good Night Doug Lawler, Where Ever You Are. 


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