Is anybody noticing the deductions by Encinco. In addition to some taxes they are now deducting for “production costs”. When asked she said all leases are being reviewed and after that, the deductions would be refunded if they weren’t to deduct them. Said it would take months before they are done. Mine amounted to almost 1/3 of gross. 

Wonder if this is their way of getting cash and then will pay back months later. I didn’t notice it until now as they didn’t get the online owner info working until now. Waiting for June’s report but sounds like they are going to keep up the deductions until they finish review of all leases.

Is there anything we can do

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Don't hold your breath waiting for that Certified Letter You Sent, Return Receipt Requested.

I still don't have the return receipt. The Post Office will refund the money (per the Post Master) when losers won't sign for the mail, after 30 days.

You can use the refund to write a Certified Letter to Bill Barr US Attorney General to inform him and the DOJ of the Corruption You have encountered..  The DOJ has been writing the Sealed Federal Indictments, but with over 110,000 Indictments to date, I figure the NSA must be helping out. 

August will be Hot. The Crop is Ripe, it is now Harvest Time. Q talk for the Corrupt will face Justice, and soon.

IT would be nice if Encino were going to go Straight, but I don't see that from the information I've been collecting which allows me to see Trends.

My prediction is that when the Sealed Federal Indictments start flowing, they will rush to cover their butts and say they were working on being fair. 

Meanwhile the NSA Super Computer has each Encino "associates" bank account showing an increasing trend in the monthly deposits up to the date that they discovered that "The World Has Changed", and they didn't get the memo.

They will feel the pain they have brought on themselves. That 10% Royalty that I still have, means the 90% I've lost is Piling up in their bank accounts. No will escape Justice, There will be no deals, and no Corrupt judges will be available to let them off easy.

I wonder how many of these Creeps have seen the Uniform Code of Military Justice, or know what a Military Tribunal is.   

They will soon find out. 

Pray for Our President Donald J. Trump, Our Military and the NSA who are working the Plan to end Corruption in the US.    

Promises Made, Promises To Be Kept.   Soon Friends, Soon.

Encino told me that they don't have Total E&Ps books and don't know which wells Total is 25% owner of.

That tells me they can't pay a fair Royalty, so that 27 cent One Time check is all I'm ever going to see until the US Treasury becomes the Payee for Our Royalties.

If anyone ever gets a check for 25% of Totals Royalty, and it isn't Fraudulent, We would know how much Chesapeake owes us for their 75% portion of Our Royalties.  Chesapeake will never allow Total E&Ps 25% to get out to the public, that's why I feel strongly that they have a deal with Encino to continue banking Total E&Ps Royalty Check for all of the US Holdings.

Note To Chesapeake:  I don't have a contact in Your Companies (there are too many shell companies to have plants) Corrupt and evil humans have no creativity, which may be why they turn to evil ways. As Q would say: These People Are Stupid!


Same here.  No Total check at all last month.  Previous month was only a few dollars after deductions, but I only have a few acres in an existing unit.  My lease was developed by KWGD group over in Canton, Oh. 

I recently signed a representation agreement with KWGD as it relates to compliance with the language in our lease agreement.  Waiting and hoping Encino will take a more honorable approach towards partnering with its landowners.  Only time will tell. 

Keeping my fingers crossed. 

I have over 80 acres in 3 wells and it sounds like the Total money is the same as yours-nothing. I think the Encino payment is lower then CHK, but I didn't see the actual deductions on the CHK check and nat. gas is pretty low right now. We have a lot of gas and NGL's with little oil. Seems like we took a hit with the new company-not to say CHK was paying us correctly either.

I hear ya.  As stated I have only a few acres, but have significantly more in a unit about to come on line within a month or so.  Thus my heightened interest and ongoing relationship with KWGD.  ChK was significantly lesssssss transparent than Encino.  Encino at least shows the deductions (Allowed or not.  Where not allowed it helps to build a case, hopefully).  Like youself and many others on this site,  I really just want to be dealt with in a fair manner. That's all. In the end, it may likely take a long lengthy legal suit or State of Ohio involvement (imagine that) to get us to that point. 

Don't forget, each tanker truck is picking up 200 barrels in Ohio or they aren't allowed on the Well Pad.

And if Your well is sending a product to Kensington or Sci Plants, there is oil at those plants.

The Whole Country only has a little oil, but each month the question arises, Where is all of this oil coming from?

This might cause a need to have money laundered since the source of Oil can't be revealed.

Hey, don't those nice people who own Encino have banks World Wide, they could solve the surplus of money issue for a corrupt producer, don't ya think?

I can't help but wonder just how diligent the Encino's acquisition team drilled down (pun) into CHK lease compliance, as it ties back into revenues/expenses/income ?

I received a telephone survey over winter asking about how CHK was perceived in my area, and how Encino is perceived, then questions transitioned into how Encino can best create a positive image in our are.  My answer was no naylt manipulate royalties.  Best way, hands down.  However, that was not one of the choices, which included donating to local causes, and county Fair projects.  I stuck to just don't manipulate royalties.  I don't have any acreage in Encino units but a good friend of mine does.


      Encino will drill down only if the Law should some how once again apply to Oil and Gas companies in the State of Ohio.

Like Chesapeake, these friendly folks put their toes in the pond to test the water. When they see that no one is at home in Ohio and the water feels fine, they become bold and begin a serious Money Grab.

If their employee in Louisville blows the whistle on me by calling Betty or COO Walker, and explains that there are 5,000 plus Sealed Federal Indictments for the Corrupt in Ohio, Indictments that can be seen in PACER, all that will be seen in the Offices in Houston is behinds and elbows of Encino Managers and VPs trying give back all the money they have stolen in the past 3 months. Texas also has a large number of Sealed Federal Indictments for those in Houston.

It's Too Late for those at Encino, their bank accounts will show where Ohio's Royalties went.  Plus they are more than likely in other Shale Play States conducting the same fraud.

Biblical Theft will now result in a sizable deposit into the US Treasury.  The NSA has everything, no one can escape, no deals in a Military Tribunal, only Pain and and a Rent Free small cell.


The Ohio Supreme Court ruled that ALL ALONG O&G Leases and Right Of Way Contracts are REALTY contracts and can only be negotiated by a Licensed Real Estate Agent.

All Leases and Right of Way Contracts that were signed prior to The RECENT LAW CHANGE by Our fine Ohio politicians who know Ohio Law has been violated, thus all of Our Contracts are VOID, 90 days after the date signed, any further Leases and Contracts will be valid since Land Men no longer need an Ohio Real Estate License in order to negotiate a lease or Contract..

Those who don't sign away this 2nd Chance will be able to get the Bonus and Royalty that was stolen from each of us.

I propose a 25% Bonus and 25% Royalty when the Laws Of Ohio are once again in place. Those in Texas were getting 25% for both Bonus and Royalty in 2011 when I checked the Eagles Ford and the other Shale Play in Texas.

In addition, this fact is TRUE, It is a violation of the OHIO REVISED CODE, Deception In Real Estate Writings to defraud an Owner of Real Estate using deception, only the TRUTH can be used to get Your Signature. You know that no one was told the Truth by the Cowboys who abused Our States Citizens. So if YOU accidently signed another document, you may have an out, if the Full Truth was not told to You.

Ohio Will have the Bright Future Promised when we signed bad leases and were lied to.

We have been given the above gifts to start over, don't get fooled again.

Fight the urge to sign, and Remember "Ron Hale will not sign anything for an Oil and Gas company ever, except that pitiful royalty check each month, if I get one".  You would be wise to follow suite.

I've been told that in September We The People will be told that since June 5th 2019 the US is no longer under Maritime Law, but are now under Common Law.  The Lawyers who told me all of the above means nothing have been working for the Queen of England as Esquire, & the BAR.  This is why Lawyers have been Transferring US Citizens Wealth to themselves and the Queen.

I know it sounds crazy now but this is significant. Do You know there were 54 Land Banks in Ohio that have come along after the Oil was discovered. What do You think Our Counties are doing with those land banks? That's right, collecting Our land knowing that there is Oil & Gas under it.

Your Real Estate Taxes have been going up for a reason, each increase makes O&G rich land available to those at Our Courthouses. Is this Corruption? I believe so. We shall see when the Sealed Federal Indictments are handed out.

I have my fingers crossed.


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