Chesapeake energy  has proposed Drilling  units that run from the vicinity of the intersection of Thompson Road and Kilgore ridge road running to the south east for approximately 3 miles to the edge of State Route 151.  The well pad has been prepared. Approximate 250 landowners have signed leases, but one landowner  owning  approximately 30 acres has refused to sign a lease.  This  Owner is reportedly requesting a $7500 per acre signing bonus  and other lease clauses unacceptable to Chesapeake.  A reliable source has reported the Chesapeake is preparing an application for force pulling from the Ohio DNR.  Attorneys who are familiar with this process tell me that it is unlikely that the application will be decided on in the remaining six months before approximately 100 leases expire. The Issue then becomes whether Encino  will  attempt to release the properties with expired leases. LET’S hope so! 

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The senior land man at Chesapeake that I talked to disagrees with you.

What part does he disagree on Al ? Because it will be unitized and most likely drilled on schedule. Too bad she had the pugh clause or she would be held by production and we wouldn't be having this hiccup to this unit. After looking at the plat maps I agree that it makes it difficult to drill one leg without this property.

The landowner is not making the decision and is relying upon another person for guidance.  That other person is being unreasonable on many issues to include the bonus payment IMHO.

Here's a link to the ODNR website with info about mandatory pooling and the process: 

Google Earth view of the well pad 

Took a drive down in the country last week looks like they have doing some work on the Deucker well pad  4 holes prepped for drilling. 

Good News!  It appears they've come to an agreement.  Check out US Land Records.  DPS filed a Memorandum of Oil and Gas Lease for Chesapeake on November 1, 2018.  It was signed October 31, 2018.   Rumley Township 34.79 acres...Cramblett lands listed to the south. 

Interesting development....the lease that was just recorded on Nov 1 was released on Nov 6.

More info...

DPS filed said lease for EAP Ohio LLC on Nov 6, 2018  

CHK to EAP Ohio LLC sale recorded on Nov 7, 2018 for various leases

 JT thanks for doing a great job keeping us informed during my absence. A very reliable source provided me the following information:

1.   Chesapeake has completed the leasing of all property necessary to complete this drilling unit.

2.   Chesapeake will complete the sale of all it’s Ohio assets And transfer title to Encino  by the end of December 

3.   Drilling  Will commence on or before the first week in March, 2019. 

Just looked at the odnr well locater site and they  have the lateral displayed for this unit . The laterals look a little funny by the way they cross but it shows 3 long and one short.  Since this is listed do we have permits pulled already. Maybe this will be happening sooner than later. What do your sources say Al?

The plat maps have been posted on the odnr database (completions report) .  Looks like they have the wrong map posted for the 10H's the same one that's posted for 210H.  


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