Just received notice from SWEPI that they may add two wells to Delaney pad (currently five into marcellus). The initial paperwork (my understanding) has the well depths at aprox 12,500 ft. into the utica/trenton formation.  The lines on the paperwork seem to indicate different pooling from the first marcellus maps. Question is can we have different pooling per formation?   Kinda makes sense if different directions are needed at different layers.  Any thoughts and thank you's in advance for any info.

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Drilling below the Onandaga to the Utica/Trenton would mean that the Conservation Law would apply.  This could change the unit, for instance the 330 foot setback of a well bore from the unit boundary or unleased land would apply.  The silliness of having two different sets of rules for two different wells on the same pad in Pennsylvania will start to become apparent as this situation becomes more common.


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