Drilling is complete as rigs are gone, all trucks and trailers are gone as well each well has what looks like a bolted cap on each of the necks or steel piping, I’m no expert but would like any info on where or how the directions of Wells drilled can be discovered? Is it possible to get a map of such info or is that public info? I’m in Greene County Pa and it seems to be heating up here, I’ve been photoing and visiting the site since it was first cleared off i have photos and timeline from start to present. And would like any info or maybe an idea where I may start. Thanks

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It isn't exactly easy, but the well information can be found here.  I was able to find a well direction in the "area of review summary".  Not sure if this helps. probably more information can be found on this site. What well pad are you looking at?


State Game Lands 179 pad is of interest and thanks for your help, I’ve been approached by a couple outfits wanting a ROW for pipe line to this well, my decision on it may be swayed by knowing if I’ll be in any units of this pad? EQT seems to be of no help in any questions raised or submitted. Now that we have put up with all the noise, traffic and trash thrown out during the drilling process we are looking to see what’s next. Again thanks
Marcellusgas.org is a membership site you can purchase the well permits for ten dollars apiece I believe.
I am not certain if I am allowed to say that on this site anymore or not.
Thanks, I’m aware of the $10.00 a piece site was just thinking you ought to be able to get it with out that? They get it somewhere I’m sure.
Pa DEP site but I’ve never been able to figure it out.

Farmer -

I poked around a bit on the Pa DEO site yesterday but could make no sense of it either. The one or two page end of well report filed with the state should have a basic record of the drilling, data collected, hole sizes, depths, casing run and cement used, and ultimately the final disposition of the well (abandoned, suspended, completed, etc. In my onshore drilling experience, the first two strings of casing are ran and cemented in vertical holes; The string above where the deviated section begins is also frequently vertical, but may be aligned somewhat with the intended direction of the lateral(s) to be drilled.

The cap that you saw bolted onto the wellhead is called a blind flange, which is a fancy hole cover. They're not always placed just on non-productive wells.


Thanks Brian, the caps I mentioned are 10 in number, one for each well permitted? The first rig came in followed my the second larger Rig, it was on sight for approx. 5 months, pad is clear of most equipment and seems like a ghost town compared to a month ago, the DEP site is a joke to follow for a laymen such as me but the whole process from land clearing to final pad clearing is interesting to see, hopefully when the pipelines are in those 10 caps will become producing and productive Wells some of us in the area will be included in the units, that's what we were trying to discover but we will just have see what the future has in store.

If all those wells just have a cap, they probably have yet to frack and complete them. that may take a couple more months and a lot more equipment on the pad. Then you'll see each completed well get a Christmas tree, or a multi-valved stand of pipes. they'll be multiple storage tanks and flair stacks installed also..You'll be amazed when all is said & done. And you wont have any doubts about it being producing. after that ,it'll be up to 6 months before anyone will see any royalties. Then just hope they don't they are honest about lease language.

carp - It's fairly common and economically sensible in the business to "batch drill" the surface and intermediate hole sections with a smaller rig before brining in the larger rid for the deeper section. The 10 caps would be removed and replaced with valves at some point to hopefully enable production.


Thanks Bo and I'm.sure gonna keep an eye out and as far as a lease, mines from the 1800's still in effect and just a simple one 1/8 of oil or gas and it also states at no costs so I'm sure I'll have my hands full with that lol bring it on EQT. Thanks again
Another way if you know anyone that lives within 1500’ of the well pad they received a packet from DEP when the company oringally applied for the permits.
In that packet it will have each proposed lateral being applied for.


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