Drilling is complete as rigs are gone, all trucks and trailers are gone as well each well has what looks like a bolted cap on each of the necks or steel piping, I’m no expert but would like any info on where or how the directions of Wells drilled can be discovered? Is it possible to get a map of such info or is that public info? I’m in Greene County Pa and it seems to be heating up here, I’ve been photoing and visiting the site since it was first cleared off i have photos and timeline from start to present. And would like any info or maybe an idea where I may start. Thanks

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More interesting facts that may not help me but good to know for others interested, I'm close but not within 1500 feet, I did however get a letter wanting me to disclose any and all existing Wells I'm in knowledge of? Thought that was rather funny that when I have a question for them I get no response and when they want to know if I know of any Wells I get a letter from them? So I answered in the same way.
That packet will show all the different tracks of props that each proposed well bore goes thru.


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