I'm wondering when the well will be completed and when the results would be made public.

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go to the odnr well site (google it), look at the map of the area you are interested in.  look at the well info.  there are links to the unit maps for the wells.

There are 3 units.

Whitacher 701 with 6 wells

Whitacher 702 with 6 wells

Green 703 with 6 wells

Sam, Thanks. I'm learning a bit more about the Whitacre group (I think).

How did they manage to void the original contract requiring the drilling of a minimum of 10 wells per year?


They went back and offered a new deal. The first deal was only for a year and would stay in force as long as they drilled 10 wells a year.  The second deal was for a 5 year lease and the 10 wells a year would kick in when NG prices averaged over $4 a mcf for both the 3rd and 4th quarters.  Also, any wells they drilled before that time would count toward the 10 wells a year.  So right now if they drill 2 more wells the 5 year lease becomes a 7 year lease.  A property owner could be tied up for 20 or more years without ever having their property drilled.  It was a very good lease for HG and not so good for the landowner.

Hello Sam,

Are all 6 wells on 702 fracked?

No, just 3.  Two in the south leg and 1 on the north. The 2 rumors going around as to why they did not complete the last 3 are.  Transmission line was full.  HG ran out of money.

Everything has been quiet on here lately,anything new going on?

Gulfport now has these wells.  They have a total of 22 wells drilled in this area and 9 in production.  The latest rumor is they will be coming in in Feb. to frack the other 13 wells.  Activity in the past month has included a new building put up in their staging area, surveying and some work on the pads.

Sounds like progress which is good.I seen a pad they were drilling on right across the road from whitacres,is that part of the group?

Yes, They put 4 wells on that pad.

Good deal,thanks Sam.

Sam, Has any wells been drilled on the Gary Green pad?


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