Last November when Kiko auctioned off 1000 acres of land and leased minerals in Western PA, the average price for the land was $5000 an acre without the minerals which astounded everyone.  Right there we all new that land and minerals are very valuable.  Of course the reasoning was that the acreage was along the Hickory bend pipeline so drilling must happen first there, we were right.

Monday nite was another distress auction which Ohio Land Management was asked to review two years ago.   The mineral interest was the most complicated that anyone has ever witnessed.  Nevertheless, in western Mahoning and Eastern Portage with ZERO wells or activity nearby.  THE LAND (with no minerals) WENT FOR $7800 an ACRE!

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If your looking for cheap land, try Meigs co. Oh. land with mineral rights not selling. land going at 1950s prices.

I'm listening. Avg $ per acre? Listings? Where would I start looking for land that is available now?

I saw land as low as ~$1,800/ac.

$1800/ac is NOT 1950's prices.

$500-$1000/acre land was readily available in the early 1990's.

Yup bought prime guernsey acreage in 99 for $500...........prices of course escalated since. Wish I would have bought everything in sight back then!

I am getting ready to sell 30 acres of property in northeastern Monroe county ( without mineral rights ), it is surrounded by about 1000 acres of public hunting area , if anyone is interested .

I have 33.20 acres listed in Meigs Co. with mineral rights to transfur, no leases or leans, no action either. its in the wet gas fairway, don't know why the O/G companys are afraid to go farther south.

Asking price? Location? What is it like? Open, wooded, brushy, flat, hilly, etc?

Go to Land and Meigs Co. mineral land for sale, info is their.some timber, some flat, some hilly.

I have 60+/- acres located in Crawford County that I am interested in selling, full gas oil rights, no leases no gas wells. Asking $5000 an acre, some timber on it also. Willing to listen to offers.
30 acres n.e. Monroe county , all wooded , hilly - lots of deer and turkey surrounded by state ground , lots of drilling and pipeline activity in the area , asking 3k per acre


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