Curious if anyone can shed some light on why it appears that there are far fewer permits pulled and wells drilled in the southern townships within Greene County? I am specifically speaking of Perry, Wayne, Gilmore, Freeport and Whiteley. Does it have anything to do with the coal mines in the area etc?


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I believe there is good potential in this area but I think you are having the same problems as tyler county in wv. The roads are terrible and cannot handle the traffic generated by drilling. If you look at the maps it appears that the majority of the action are close to major highways and better roads. Areas that are not so rural. I believe they will get to us......eventually.

This is speculation

Thanks Jason. I also know there are a lot of coal mines in this area some working and some not which may impact the access to the shale.

Could be too that there are existing gas wells on some properties. My father in law has land there in Wayne with a gas well with equitable out on conger road. He can't do anything with his 120 acres.


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