Eclipse acquisition of BRMR awaits furloughed SEC. will emerge as Montage Resources ticker MR, if consummated. separate 8K filing reveals stock issuance now fixed with valuation changes made up by cash. most likley Encap infusion, should market move against. i am sure these guys are frustrated. Already past 11/30 goal. see attached link. section 28 will shed clarity regarding potential third party involvement. in the future we are sure Encap will make every attempt to realize their approx. 100 mill. investment as this is another step towards that end. Travis Peak to Eclipse did not get them there. the market has not been kind to e&p's.

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Got it, thanks.

I know that politics and religion can put a forum thread to bed. I am the worst offender. I stand up fast and say what I think and it causes trouble and I do not want that to happen here. I am one how has strong personal beliefs in regard to the corruption taking place in this country so I am especially sensitive. I will finish up with one last opinion and a few thoughts.

Not in my lifetime have I witnessed a president trying to run this country to the  bets of his ability without any support from anyone other then the people who elected him, THE PEOPLE. Not, the Republican Party, Not Congress, Not the Media, no one. He is the Lone Ranger and is making huge positive changes. Media makes him look indecisive, His party makes him look indecisive. Everyone should ask them selves, this question: Why is everyone fighting Donald Trump? What is the motivation?

If he is lucky enough to survive and live and then be re-elected..he may very well go down in history as the most honest trustworthy and successful President in the History of this country.

[side-bar] The middle class in this country has been devoured by the rich and wealthy and the people that lead the rich and wealthy; mega wealthy Republicans and  Mega wealthy democrats. These people party, play golf, vacation with each other and spend most of their time laughing at you and me, The Sheep who sit around and let them do to us anything they want to. . There is no two party system. Elections are all about smoke and mirrors making The Sheep believe that their vote counts. 

Eclipse stock price action very positive since announcing cash backstop. trading volume doubled+

What is their ticker symbol, OT? If Rice takes control the stock might surge??????

Rice isn't taking Eclipse. see link on post for details. Rice goes with EQT. Eclipse goes with BRMR.

Sorry....Brain not working today. HA!

I don't wish to turn this non-political Forum into one, but I can't help feel that Trump knows exactly what he doing all the time....flushing out the rot, corruption and deceit that has crept into our political system is the past administration(s?).

All I am going to say, clearly stated as an OPINION (no need to get up in arms over it)…..I can not imagine (nor do I wish to) what might have happened to Natural Gas development in this country if the Democrats had won the presidency. If that had come to pass....we could very well have NOTHING to talk about on this forum.

I agree OT, and think about this:

Cuomo is gearing up to run for sure and if that nutcase were to win it would be a total disaster.

No men are perfect and no one can meet everyone's expectations but Trump need all the help he can get.

There are going to be up to 20 Democrats running for office including Bloomberg who right now as I write this has a system that places anti fossil fuel attorneys in the offices of state attorney generals including PA. to write laws that are anti fossil fuels. There is a war going on behind the scenes and everyone is gunning for Trump and Big Oil....

5 minute video that blows the lid off Bloomberg
Please pass it on. This is a very bad deal for you and me and our country.

i confess politics has always been difficult for me. forty years in power/gen engineering required objective,logical problem solving, adhering to the laws of physics. not the case in politics. the current virtuous mania regarding complete severance of fossil fuel use is example of politicians seeking votes for personal ambitions with disregard for outcomes. if successful this policy would be featured on the tv show engineering disasters. i tend to view both partys as representing mobs attempting to take resources from one another for their own benefit like our cave man ancestors. only science, knowledge, logic and objectivity can propel human civilization forward into a better world. i do not look for politicians to carry that heavy load.


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