Eclipse acquisition of BRMR awaits furloughed SEC. will emerge as Montage Resources ticker MR, if consummated. separate 8K filing reveals stock issuance now fixed with valuation changes made up by cash. most likley Encap infusion, should market move against. i am sure these guys are frustrated. Already past 11/30 goal. see attached link. section 28 will shed clarity regarding potential third party involvement. in the future we are sure Encap will make every attempt to realize their approx. 100 mill. investment as this is another step towards that end. Travis Peak to Eclipse did not get them there. the market has not been kind to e&p's.

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OT how do you see 2019 for E&P`s?    I saw recently that EQT plans lay-offs this year.   Will the E&P`s have problems with low NG price, insufficient takeaway capacity, market demand or whatever?   How are investor`s seeing this industry?   Who is in a better situation to weather this market?   Are you familiar with CNX Resources and their state of stability?   When do you see the next resurgence of drilling activity?Thanks!

Farmgas. thanks for your support. i apologize to all friend requests. not even possible to address the volume. thanks to all. EQT had problems from day one and folks may want to root for the Rice brothers come back. low prices are a factor in commodity production only addressed by lower cost production models including entry cost and ongoing operation costs. waiting for price increases for success is not the successful model. e&p's as a group have a tough time in the market excluding a few individual companys. most of them are financed institutionally due to the speculative nature of the industry, until reaching mid and major catagory. then it becomes cyclical. companys like Cabot and Seneca would be examples of who could weather the market. CNX is a big dog with access to capital. i returned from WV and on the way in NC Pa. i see two lit JKLM pads, two working Seneca operations, Repsol rig working, Stallion's yard had at least thirty personal vehicles parked. Cabot and SWN anounced expansion '19. no more boom just steady company specific operations well into the future. finally let me say i had not realized how many folks had followed my posts until i returned and the office pointed out what you [Farmgas] are aware of. my posts have never been and will not be archived for long periods of time for our protocol reasons. my only digital footprint is at corporate level [ no control]. young folks may want to take heed, as their future could be affected by a digital past.

OT, who do you see as potential buyers for The Shell Marshlands asset? There is a rumor that there is a buyer taking a look. Thanks OT

we have a guy who works for us here and lives on their familys farm in the Marshlands. their well was shutin last year. he has mentioned that a couple or more years ago. i can't see any value there. the only portion of the old Ultra play that likely had Utica value was in the Gurnee north of rt. 6 not far from the Sharrets pad. it was surrendered due to leasing challenges. small recreation property sub-division in the perhaps hundreds of parcels. too much downstate anti drilling refusals to develop. there could be creative ways to design a deal but it would have to be a very cheap entry to reflect the low potential. the buyer going in would know that is why Shell is selling.

Shell doesn't have a cheap entry and may have to take a major haircut to get out.

EQT being a more contemporary example. like overpaying for farmland that can't yield enough crop to pay the bills. that's the commodity formula.

Sure glad to see you are still active on the site OT.  A bit difficult the past few day for me because of health problems.  

My opinion of Trumps "Government shutdown because of refusal of funding his wall"  is pretty pickayunish to say the least.

After listening to him reverse himself time after time during the last couple of years is   leading me to believe that he has no idea  what  he is doing!.    In short,  out of touch with reality!

Granddad Ladd

everyone with Eclipse should want to see this done. right now it's like a ticking financial time bomb. thnx grandad

I would think world leaders are sitting back, holding their collective breaths waiting to see what happens next.

When a man is born,  He looks around, tries to understand what he sees. He learns whatever he can and makes choices of what he wants to do. He finds out that everyone else is pretty much doing the same thing. Most folks  want to be enjoy life, have enough to eat, be respected by his peers. 

 Looks like this one has only attracted complete confusion and upset to the entire earth with no offer to solve anything at all!

Granddad Ladd

So basically with him flip flopping is pretty much inline with every other president this country has elected. 

What has he flip flopped on?

I’m not claiming he has flip flopped. My reply was to the individual above that indicated the president doesn’t know what he is doing based on his indecisive decision making. If that claim is being made, then every other elected president falls under the same category.


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