Several people signing leases with Eclipse through SEOLA(Jennifer Garrison) have received checks for their payment due on March 17, 2015.    So Eclipse is apparently staying in the game of Ohio, Lee, Jackson, Benton Townships in Monroe County, Ohio----at least till 2017 when the first five year term ends.

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I am in the group that sign on Feb, 21, 2012. and did not receive any payment so I called them, and was told that they are not keeping my lease, is there any companies looking to lease in Noble county on the western side of interstate 77, any help would be greatly appreciated.

ED, your are 100% spot on, what are the chances of a new lease? I have been getting offer's in the mail to sell my mineral's, any advice sell or wait. thank you JC

Ed, I can hear the traffic on 77 and when the leaves are off I can see it. THANKS JC.

winner-Jennifer Garrison

I was due a large Delay Rental Payment from Eclipse on Feb. 9th it came Feb 7th...  Due another one next Feb 9th.  i have no complaints, they could pay me this yearly for the rest of my life and i would be very happy....

Thanks for the info because my mothers farm is in this group. One thing though is Jennifer says that she is putting together the group that is not paid for lease to another company,so I doubt that it makes much difference to the mineral owner.

ED, I see you deleted your posts, that was considerate of you.   I have heard no actual landowners in this deal complaining.  In the future if you have comments regarding Garrison's leases speak with her and her staff regarding them.   ED you do seem to make a habit of deleting your posts and discussions.

By the way the grapevine says many more than several have received their checks.   Looks like Eclipse  controls this acreage in the double pay area of Monroe Co. for another two years or maybe that is a triple  play area.


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