Attached is the permit file from ODNR and also a plat map of the well.

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Anyone who knows anything new about this well please add it here. Pictures are great too.

I went by the well the other day and a fence crew was installing a fence and gate at the front of the driveway...a few pick-ups were at the drill site around the flowback separator.

Here is the Eichelberger Well DPU which contains a total of 627.60 acres. David Eichelberger w/160 acres, David W. Crist w/17.40 acres, Wayne Crist w/141 acres, J.Bernhard w/62.20 acres, T.Bernhard w/90 acres, and Nevin Hoover w/157 acres.

The rumors about this well are puzzling me. First I hear that there was massive oil in the flowback and everyone is excited. Yesterday a guy (someone who traditionally knows such things) says the well is a total bust. I'm at a loss here. I tend to believe that this well is going to be spectacular, given the first data that was out there. It's just so deflating to hear someone tell me the exact opposite. I guess we'll just have to wait until royalty checks are cut before we really know. No new information here, just venting.

The optimist in me says that it probably isn't a total bust if they are permitting other wells in the area (Baldauf unit, rumored Orange twp well). Until I can confirm the bad news, I'm going with that.

At this point in the game I'm not listing to anyone...I'm letting the data I have do the talking.

What is your data telling you?

At this point I'm not sharing anything...especially when you have someone on here giving conflicting advise who isn't using his/her real name.
The information that I got about the well being a bust didn't come from Devon, it came from a producer who "has connections", hence my suspicion. I wasn't trying to muddy the waters, I was simply irritated that all of the good news we'd been hearing was being countered by this one piece of bad news. It wasn't meant to really stir a discussion. I was just venting to all of you. As far as Devon trying to lower expectations (along with prices) I'm not sure how much merit that has. They're a well-capitalized company and if the data is good they'll pay for acreage. Those who are holding out for more information are wise to do so.
Marcus, you not only muddied the lost your credentials on here as far as I'm concerned. Most of us on here are landowners, unlike you, who have alot to gain from the plentiful minerals under our land. We don't need inaccurate info being disseminated on here and causing a panic amongst would be different if this was the first time, but lets not forget about the Medina well you said was a bust, and the fact that they are fracking it this week. I guess Devon just needed something to do this week... huh. And by the way, just who are you...because Marcus Grayson isn't your real name. At least those of us that want to stay anonymous use an alias where there is no discrepancy...and yea I'm "VENTING"
I respect your viewpoint and I don't blame you for being mistrusting. I would be too. The information I got about the Medina well being bad came from the same guy who told me that Eichelberger was good. He had no reason to lie about one and not the other. He also assured me that Devon was going to go ahead and frack it because that's the true test of the well. This was over a month ago. Thus far nothing has changed to curtail my belief in his information. I reserve the right to admit that I'm wrong if and when they put Richman Farms into production. I'm human and have never stated that I'm doing anything different than everyone else on here: speculating based on the information available at the time.

As far as my pen names goes, I've been using it since I was a teenager (quite a few years ago now). I always wrote under that name because it had a nice ring to it. Anonymity allows for truth to be told without repercussions.

I am responding to Marcus and his statement that "Anonymity allows for truth to be told without repercussions."  ( For some reason the "reply" tab is not showing itself in his post allowing me to do so.)

First, let it be known I enjoy reading Mr. Grayson's posts, even if they contradict his own posts at times.  I enjoy reading everyone's posts - you all know way more than me!  But, I have to take issue with that anonymity statement.  Quite the opposite is true.  Anonymity allows one to hide behind statements without repercussions whether they be true or not.  

Most people use anonymity because they don't have command of all the facts, or they're not supposed to be talking about what they think they know. 

Please continue posting Marcus, use all the pen names you want, discerning minds can sift through it all.  The "this guy told me" stuff is always taken with a grain of salt.  (I recall a well being drilled nearby 15 years, or so, ago and "the guy" on the job said, "Wow, we hit the motherlode!"  Which was a load, 'cause they plugged that well three years later.)

Unless Mr Devon, if you will, calls me direct to tell me what's goin' down, or comin' up, I take the information and advice that is posted here and do my best to put the puzzle pieces in the correct spot.  The picture may be fuzzy, but, hey, that's the nature of these forums.

Again, thanks to all for posting and keeping us uninformed informed.  Even the nefarious posters reveal information wittingly, or unwittingly.


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