Encino (Canadian Retirement Fund) Energy Who Are They, Why have they crushed Ohioans Royalties & Their Future

I did the research on who Encino (Spanish for Oak) was when I heard they were going to take the hand off from Chesapeake.

Encino is a Canadian Retirement Investment Firm, I don't know how they can claim to be an Energy Company, their office in Houston won't list who is in the corporation, and they wouldn't take my Certified Mail.

The Parent Company is Another Retirement Fund consisting of China, Australia, Canada, UK or EU, possibly New Zealand. I suspect the Money Mafia has taken over Our Domestic Oil and Gas. Our Military will make short work of these folks when the time comes. 

I have the  notes somewhere on Encino & their Parent Company, maybe I'll make a post out of it.

I'll tell the Truth, I expect Everyone Else to be Honest, don't be telling me how they are paying better than Chesapeake, I know the scam.

I'm on 4 Wells that are each making over 13 Million a year for Chesapeake. This came out in one of the Oil & Gas Magazines in 2013. The article was discussing the cost of drilling a Horizontal Well which at that time cost $13 Million to Drill. The Article went on to say that the cost of drilling each well was being paid for in less than a year. So on the low side a Well will produce over $13 Million per year.

I've checked my 20% Royalty per my ALOV Lease using $13 Million as the annual take by CHK and have discovered that I'm being paid less than a 1% Royalty.

The month before Encino took over paying Royalties Chesapeake cut my Royalty in half, they gave Doug Lawler a nice bonus I'm sure by doing this to every landowner in Ohio. Don't tell me I'm wrong, I know Chesapeake doesn't discriminate, they steal equally from every Land Owner across the Nation.

Encino's first Royalty payment cut that by 30% and gave me a one time only check for 27 cents to cover Total E&Ps 25% ownership of my wells. I've not seen another check since for Total. The office lady said they didn't have the books or know which Wells Total owned 25% of. I've since been told Total owns 25% of all Chesapeake Wells in the Utica.

Month 2 they cut that amount by 1/2 and now month 3 they have cut it in half again.

I suspect they will continue this trend, but I won't pay them for stealing my well products even if they send me a bill.

I figure the NSA has been following the Federal Court Cases against Chesapeake and know which judges, lawyers, Arbitrators and politicians have been moving Chesapeake Cash into their bank accounts.

We will have the last laugh on Encino and Chesapeake. The 5,000 plus Sealed Federal Indictments for Ohio will be unsealed over the next year. The Deep State and Severe Human Rights Violators will be Rounded Up first, since Human Traffickers and Child Traffickers must be removed immediately to protect the lives of those now being Trafficked.

Next will come be the Corrupt who will be indicted. This is going to smart a bit since those connected to the State and Washington corrupt never thought that this Round Up could ever happen. I'm sure the Sizeable Bank Accounts will be the Tell Tale sign that does most of these greedy folks in. 

In the End, Chesapeake will be in the US Treasury, and Encino will be removed from the US since they gained access to Our Domestic Oil and Gas by way of Chesapeake Energy.

There is at least one individual that should be considered for Treason, along with the Board Of Directors, and past & present Chesapeake Owners.They handed over Our Domestic Oil and Gas to China, France, Canada, Australia and others during a time of War which was declared in 2002. Treason during War time is a death sentence and rightly so.

If we hadn't elected Donald J. Trump, this theft would have become a permanent way of life for We The People, as it has been from the first Well drilled in PA to Present.

It has been said that there are evil beings that we will one day learn of that draw energy from Human Suffering and Pain, so don't let Encino's attempt to destroy you by gutting Your Royalties cause You pain and suffering, Know that they will be dealt with when the time comes. . God Wins and Ohio Will Have The Bright Future We Were Promised When We Signed Our Leases. 

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Not defending Chessie by by any means .. 

 Those wells have a very rapid / drastic decline rates 

Anyone can take the ODNR Oil and Gas production reports which are by no means close to the actual production numbers since my source confirmed the rumor that the ODNR uses the Honor System of reporting well production, but the trends will show that Oil and Gas decay down to 10% of initial production over 5 years then level off at 10% of initial value.

Ted Auch from one of Ohios Colleges was doing trends and told me of an anomoly in Oil & Gas Volumes. This was during severe cold and while other wells on the pad are being drilled.

There is no way that any Utica Well could be void of Oil after 2 Years while producing huge volumes of Natural Gas and NGLs.

Oil decays to Natural Gas and NGLs, they should be proportional in their decline curves.

When Chesapeake drilled one or two wells per pad, they were unable to hide the oil production from one of the two wells like they do when there are 4 or more wells, as on the Paige Well Pad. When Paige 1H, and 3H went into production Chesapeake could claim that the multiple Oil tankers picking up Oil each month at the Pad were from 1H, 3H and the Well in the 4th Lateral in the opposite direction.No one would be the wiser, unless You are aware of the Utica Production decline curves. Farmers Aren't supposed to question at this level.

I normally don't brag but this is fact: Chesapeake said that I was a PROLIFIC WRITER, this is True only because I see all of the Fraud in progress and write about it.  They also wanted to know who my Source was, checked my social media and found nothing.

The Corrupt are everywhere but they have a date with Donald J. Trump's Executive Order 12/21/17 Severe Human Rights and Corruption, so I'll hold my tongue for good reasons for now.

I know more than You can imagine, and Oil & Gas is only a small portion of what I've learned.  Get ready for the Truth, it may be overwhelming if You are caught Napping when the Truth is Revealed.

I don't actually think you understand how oil and natural gas production works.. Most "oil" wells in the Utica are producing retrograde condensate. i.e. they are gases in the reservoir due to the temperature and pressure. Once the well starts producing, temp and pressure decreases coming up the well. These heavier components fall out of suspension, creating a liquid at surface. Once pressures reach a certain point, they stop falling out of suspension, i.e. no more "condensate" thus condensate declines much more rapidly than gas. NGLs still exist as those heaver components are now in the gas stream and taken to a processing plant for extraction. More than likely the "oil tankers" were water trucks considering the wells were producing north of 100 bbls of water per day per state production data.

I understand that each MCF of Natural Gas (Methane) drops out 5 to 8 gallons of NGLs that we don't see a Royalty for since the overcharge for processing the NGLs into their constituent parts: Methane, Ethane, Pentaine, Propane, Butane, Iso Butane and Oil cancels Our NGL Royalty (NGLs volumes have no Severance Tax and no Volume Reporting to the ODNR,) there is no VERIFICATION of NGL Volumes. In fact no well volumes reported to the ODNR are VERIFIED in Ohio, since the ODNR uses the HONOR SYSTEM OF REPORTING. Imagine how badly CHK is taking advantage of this fact.

So the fraudulent Royalty paid for Oil and Gas (Volumes not verified) are reduced further by the NGL Processing overcharge.

The Tanker Truck monthly table of Trip Tickets show the Oil shipped from each Well and the fact that they pick up a full tank on that well pad (200 barrels) or they are not allowed on the Well Pad. This is true for all of Ohio.

The Kensington Plant Oil Trip Ticket Table for each month show all of the 200 Barrel Shipments to the Canton Marathon Plant from the Kensington Plant, not reported on any Royalty Statement or to the ODNR by the Producer. The ODNR has been informed.

I've had courses on Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow, Physics, Earth Science, Nuclear Physics, Electricity and Electronics, Operation of Complex Industrial Processes, I understand Our World as well as most.

I also understand Human Nature and Greed, the extent that people will go to, to enrich themselves when they know that now one is watching, no one is auditing or verifying how much is being stolen, and those who could stop them have been bought and paid for.

I know most of the thefts in progress, have documented them in over 50 pages of the most comprehensive description of Cheapeake's theft across the US.

Chesapeake and others believe with my Arbitration being sold out by those who had a hand in the phony process and no way to join the Lawsuit they have crushed me. 

My evidence is in all of the emails that Chesapeake sent to me, the NSA has it all, and I am not under any Non-disclosure agreement. The evidence is fair game for Criminal Investigation.

I don't handle the "You Don't Understand" statement well. Be careful not to use it on me again. I know things that You are not ready to know and I sometimes slip when abused and drop facts on folks as payback for what might appear to be an unintended insult.   Thanks

Would you like some Risperdal
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Dear Keith, I believe this reply by shakeshale fails to conform to Your Policies that forbid abuse of those who Post On Gomarcellusshale.

This Un-solicted offer of a prescription drug to me by shake shale using a computer is a Violation of State and Federal Law.

To Protect YOUR Website I highly suggest that You take action against Shakeshale. 

Thank You Keith.    Ron Hale

The Parent Company of Encino Energy is Canada Pension Plan Investment Board

which has offices around the World which can be seen here: http://www.cppib.com/en/contact/

If You have ever heard of Canada's HSBC of Canada bank, or Hong Kong Shanghai Bank of Canada and their "Dealings" you might see how the CPPIB appears to be a very similar Organization.

I suspect the Retirements being invested are not from or for the Citizens of Canada.

I took a look at the Encino Royalty Statement, Oil is product code 100, it appears that there is no Oil in Utica Wells, only Condensate.

I noticed that Encino decided to list the deductions even for those ALOV and SURE Leases that have 15 pages of Paragraphs that Restate over and over "NO DEDUCTION", "GROSS Royalty" Lease, All Sales to be Arms Length Sales at the going price of the well products, even if the Products are sold to an Affiliate.

Our leases have been violated, which per those leases they should be void.

Those who have a temporary job with Encino in Ohio have told me that they found something in my lease and my Royalties will be reduced further.  They would have to find my lease in order to "Find Something" in it.

Chesapeake has gone around the US claiming that they bought the Well Products at the Well Head and own the product, but if that is True how can they deduct fees for every step along the way that the Well Products take?

Why aren't we paid at the only sale that actually takes place to the End Purchase that we paid to get the product to that entity? 

When the US Treasury sorts out the wells and Royalties after they take possession of them per the 12/21/17 Executive Order on Corruption, the Truth will be known.  The only printed info on the Royalty Statements that wasn't FRAUD was the Landowners Name.

That was True with Chesapeake and with Encino dropping Royalties further, there has been no effort to correct the RICO Fraud that has been unleashed on All US Landowners who are under Theft.

My Lawyer has said all along, let's hope Chesapeake sues You, then the Truth will be exposed. That goes double with Encino. Unless they can sue me in a 6 month period, I doubt that they will be in Business by the time the court date arrives. These folks have a date with Military Tribunals at GITMO or Other locations designated in the US.

Read the Executive Orders below. You don't have to be a Nostradamus to see the future for Chesapeake and Encino.

Link to 12/21/17 Executive Order: https://www.whitehouse.gov/search/?s=Executive+Order+Severe+Human+R...

Link to Military Tribunals Updated Exec Order: https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/2018-amendments-man...

Relax and enjoy the upcoming Show. Have the Popcorn Ready. Don't dwell on the Negative that this US DOMESTIC OIL & GAS NIGHTMARE EXPERIENCE HAS SUBJECTED US TO.

Unlike all previous generations of Landowners, The Nightmare of Gross Theft will now end. Pray For Our President Trump, Our Military and the NSA who are responsible for this plan to put an end to Corruption.

They Never Thought Hillary Would Lose, now they will feel the pain.

Ron, royalty manipulation is a serious issue.  The oil and gas companies that partnered with the landowner who allowed them to drill, should not be ripping off farmers and families.  After reviewing several articles where Chesapeake was sued for manipulating royalties it seems they have made that a business model.  Seems like if landowners sue them for say, 50 mill worth of unpaid royalty, then they eventually convince landowners to settle for 25 mill.  With that business model then the oil and gas company still gains 25 mill, making it worth it everywhere they go.  A sham!!!.  Collect a movement and head to their corporate HQ's.  Protest under slogan of ripping of farmers and families.  You need a movement beyond just GMS.  You need town hall meetings, the way country folk meet up.  Good luck.  

In 2013 Chesapeake's Good Business Practice was revealed by their North East Division Vice President. By reading the article I learned that a NE VP existed, this is not something that I dreamed. I went to the Farm and Dairy office and looked at past articles where I found a partial quote that I am leading up to, repeated by a NARO President. I took a picture of the quote and it's on my flip phone.


The LLC Procedures for each CHK Shell Company Reads like this:  At the end of the month, all money collected, will be set aside for Stock  Holder dividends and Royalties, the remaining money will be placed in each LLCs Members Bank Account.

This procedure encourages theft by all "Members" since they get to keep what they steal.  You can imagine how out of control this has gotten to the point of sending bills to folks in PA since they ended up owing Chesapeake for having their wealth in Well Products Stolen.

Knowing the Truth about Domestic Oil and Gas from this and those who were stolen from in WV in the 1960s, I know the evil that we face and as always, God has dropped gifts in my lap along the way to use to shine a light on this age old Corruption.

We already have a "Movement" it's Our President Trump, Q, Our Military and the NSA (remember how many hollow point bullets they ordered years back. They will be armed when the Round Up begins) enforcing the Executive Orders, President Trump will fulfill his Campaign Promise that Every US Citizen from the Top, Down, will obey the laws of Our Country or will be imprisoned.   

The Indictments have been written, the Plan has been made, We are only "Time Away" from putting an end to this Biblical Theft, "No One Escape & No Can Stop What Is Coming, No One".  

It's SO refreshing to see you here Ron!

I figured that those who were posting when I left would beat down everyone on this site, the same way each State government has placed a Black Out on all negative O&G News by TV, Newspapers, and notice the O&G magazines no longer exist.

I constantly talk to people when in line at the store, post office, at gas stations to get a feel for what they know of this Biblical Theft by Domestic O&G. Few know the Truth, but 100s know something is wrong.

We get to pay a Gas tax on an NGL product (pentaine) that should have had a Severance Tax placed on NGLs from watching PA go through the Oil & Gas "Experience" ending up with a Budget Shortfall while infrastructure needs more tax dollars to repair.

Knowing that Governors get together each year to compare notes, they must  have focused on ways to improve their "Take" rather than how to protect their Citizens from this obvious theft, since it began in Texas and has moved across Our Nation.

There was a time when Men & Women were honorable and could be taken at Face Value. That time will come back around soon, but many will feel the pain.

One more thing, be prepared for Executions, there be more than most Citizens will be able to watch.

It would have been worse if President Trump hadn't seen what was coming, an uncontrolled Revolution. The 2nd American Revolution is in full control of Our President, Our Military & the NSA using the knowledge of who is Corrupt, rather than us Citizens hanging all to ensure the guilty were terminated.

This is a warning to the Deep State to stop the attempts on Our Presidents life, since he is the only one standing between the guilty and We The People as the Executioners. It wouldn't be a pretty sight.

Thanks JK.  Ron


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