Encino (Canadian Retirement Fund) Energy Who Are They, Why have they crushed Ohioans Royalties & Their Future

I did the research on who Encino (Spanish for Oak) was when I heard they were going to take the hand off from Chesapeake.

Encino is a Canadian Retirement Investment Firm, I don't know how they can claim to be an Energy Company, their office in Houston won't list who is in the corporation, and they wouldn't take my Certified Mail.

The Parent Company is Another Retirement Fund consisting of China, Australia, Canada, UK or EU, possibly New Zealand. I suspect the Money Mafia has taken over Our Domestic Oil and Gas. Our Military will make short work of these folks when the time comes. 

I have the  notes somewhere on Encino & their Parent Company, maybe I'll make a post out of it.

I'll tell the Truth, I expect Everyone Else to be Honest, don't be telling me how they are paying better than Chesapeake, I know the scam.

I'm on 4 Wells that are each making over 13 Million a year for Chesapeake. This came out in one of the Oil & Gas Magazines in 2013. The article was discussing the cost of drilling a Horizontal Well which at that time cost $13 Million to Drill. The Article went on to say that the cost of drilling each well was being paid for in less than a year. So on the low side a Well will produce over $13 Million per year.

I've checked my 20% Royalty per my ALOV Lease using $13 Million as the annual take by CHK and have discovered that I'm being paid less than a 1% Royalty.

The month before Encino took over paying Royalties Chesapeake cut my Royalty in half, they gave Doug Lawler a nice bonus I'm sure by doing this to every landowner in Ohio. Don't tell me I'm wrong, I know Chesapeake doesn't discriminate, they steal equally from every Land Owner across the Nation.

Encino's first Royalty payment cut that by 30% and gave me a one time only check for 27 cents to cover Total E&Ps 25% ownership of my wells. I've not seen another check since for Total. The office lady said they didn't have the books or know which Wells Total owned 25% of. I've since been told Total owns 25% of all Chesapeake Wells in the Utica.

Month 2 they cut that amount by 1/2 and now month 3 they have cut it in half again.

I suspect they will continue this trend, but I won't pay them for stealing my well products even if they send me a bill.

I figure the NSA has been following the Federal Court Cases against Chesapeake and know which judges, lawyers, Arbitrators and politicians have been moving Chesapeake Cash into their bank accounts.

We will have the last laugh on Encino and Chesapeake. The 5,000 plus Sealed Federal Indictments for Ohio will be unsealed over the next year. The Deep State and Severe Human Rights Violators will be Rounded Up first, since Human Traffickers and Child Traffickers must be removed immediately to protect the lives of those now being Trafficked.

Next will come be the Corrupt who will be indicted. This is going to smart a bit since those connected to the State and Washington corrupt never thought that this Round Up could ever happen. I'm sure the Sizeable Bank Accounts will be the Tell Tale sign that does most of these greedy folks in. 

In the End, Chesapeake will be in the US Treasury, and Encino will be removed from the US since they gained access to Our Domestic Oil and Gas by way of Chesapeake Energy.

There is at least one individual that should be considered for Treason, along with the Board Of Directors, and past & present Chesapeake Owners.They handed over Our Domestic Oil and Gas to China, France, Canada, Australia and others during a time of War which was declared in 2002. Treason during War time is a death sentence and rightly so.

If we hadn't elected Donald J. Trump, this theft would have become a permanent way of life for We The People, as it has been from the first Well drilled in PA to Present.

It has been said that there are evil beings that we will one day learn of that draw energy from Human Suffering and Pain, so don't let Encino's attempt to destroy you by gutting Your Royalties cause You pain and suffering, Know that they will be dealt with when the time comes. . God Wins and Ohio Will Have The Bright Future We Were Promised When We Signed Our Leases. 

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Ron, I appreciate your anti deep state Gusto.  But I don't see it all happening.  Hillary walked, Comey walks, Stzrok walks, Ohr walks, they all walk even after an attempted coup  of the President! Sessions was a dud.  The closer we get to next Prez election season the more any indictments will be looked at as political retribution.  Not that the guilty aren't, but the optics will look that way.  I hope you can post within next two months that I should not have doubted.

Inchworm A.  You should not have doubted.

I've known for two years who will hang. Some of the military reminded me that they will have to Round Up these sub-humans, and they will fight like cornered rats if they know their fate, so I don't reveal who will hang for that reason.

Anyone that has walked to date, has a list of Crimes that they have yet to be indicted for, they will lose more than their wealth & freedom.

US Citizens have been programmed by the Mainstream Media to get angry when someone hints that You Tube and other Independent sources are reporting Conspiracy Fact. The demoncrats must control the story and US Citizens or they will surely lose their freedom (and so much more).

See You Tube Presenters:  And We Know;    Serial Brain 2;   and  James Red Pills America for the best presentations and videos. They will refer you to other Patriots who are presenting.

Listen to Our Presidents Inaugural Speech, Every Word is important. His words will tell you the future.

Q Posts can be seen at  qmap.pub spend time looking at Q followers posts and memes.

When Comey is arrested, the "Dominoes will fall".  Expect the Military to declare Martial Law. those who get in the way of the Roundup will be treated as domestic enemies.

All who have served or are in the Military have sworn to protect the Constitution and US Citizens. They will protect You as long as You comply with their directions/orders.

Q said August is Hot, the Crop is Ripe, the Harvest Will Begin.  This tells Patriots to expect accelerated opening of Sealed Federal Indictments.

Many have lost faith since Q has told us to expect an action, then it didn't happen. The Military uses Misinformation then watches the Deep state stumble.

My Life doesn't hinge on when the Round Up Takes place, but many who are Actively in the field doing the job must be given the best opportunity for success without loss of life or injury.  

Be Patient, when the Art Of War by Sun Tsu is followed correctly, THE WAR IS WON BEFORE IT BEGINS.


I could write all night on this topic, I'll add more later. 

Haha man what drugs are you on?  I was with you on the oil and gas stuff until you started rambling about the deep state... geez...

Big companies go out of business in this country ,then come back,or just continue on under a whole new name.Maybe even from a different country. Are we not considering that Encino could just be Cheasapeake under a new name. What goes on in the top tier of "business" ,the top tier of the money markets, may just be WAY beyond our imagination. I.personally have not put anything beyond my imagination. I don't even believe that it was Aubrey McClendon that died in that staged,hushed up crash in Oklahoma City. Cars can be rigged to drive themselves into a concrete pier. Bodies are available in the morgue. Coroners can be "bought". Who are the "investors" in this investment fund?Pension plan? Bullshit!

bo b, I've thought about Encino being Chesapeake, they don't appear to be an Energy Company.

You can follow the progress of the Sealed Federal Indictments being opened, by following Q at   qmap.pub and Trump Tweets & Speech decodes on You Tube by Serial Brain 2, And We Know, &  James Red Pills America.

You'll learn that there is much more coming than the removal of Corruption from the US. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you believe your boy Trump and his administration full of family members are here to end corruption, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.  By the way, your writing style is very similar to his, incoherent and tons of random capitalization.  He's not the writer I'd try to emulate if I had a point I wanted to get across.  Very difficult to read.  Good luck with your conspiracy theories.

Glad You mentioned the Capitalizations. One day you will happen upon Trump Tweets and Speech decodes by Serial Brain 2,  Enhanced by "And We Know" and James Red Pills America. 

When you see that those misspellings and random Caps have been decoded into messages, You'll think of me and how I knew You were a Rookie at being a Q Anon and a Patriot.

Your bacon has been saved and You don't have a clue that you were even at Risk of being Depopulated.

This Patriot and Veteran has remained vigilant through the Years. 

I use Caps to emphasize and small letters to show NO RESPRECT to those who are Traitors or Corrupt.

I should have mentioned that Chesapeake listed Oil on the Royalty Statements sent to us, although volumes were grossly understated and the Oil at the Kensington and Scio Processing Plants has never been reported except by email to me as part of Discovery for the Hale vs Chesapeake AAA Arbitration. The NSA & Miltary Intelligence has everything on the Hammer Super Computer. Bill Clinton's crimes are contained on the Hammer all the way back to 1992, is he screwed or what.  

There won't be another Arbitration, but not because Chesapeake paid all involved a nice "AWARD" to defraud Me and set the standard that an Arbitration has already been ruled in favor of Money.  The Laws and evidence mean nothing to those who have stolen the Wealth of US Landowners then uses the money to buy themselves out of Lawsuits and Arbitraitions. .

There won't be another Arbitration because there will be Military Tribunals for all Corrupt for Chesapeake and all that have protected Chesapeake and other O&G Companies through the years. That will be Liewars, Judges, Politicians, Arbitrators and anyone else that took Chesapeake money to prevent Justice.

I'm using a new photo, it's an arial view of JFKs Grave site. This is where Q comes from, a Society started in 1968 -1 year for memory. These folks like us want Payback for changing Our lives and Country in a negative way.

When the Fake News says that Q isn't real, remember where Q came from. The Deep State will pay for what they have done to Our Country from 1963 to present. The Fake News Main Stream Media will also fall to the Q team and Military Justice.

If you haven't gotten a copy of the First Encino News Letter, You soon will.

What a great idea, promote Good Will with a News Letter instead of paying a fair royalty.
Anyone who agreed to producing this News Letter needs to have their head examined. What would you expect from a company that would reduce an already pitiful royalty by 90%.

Good News, Our stolen Royalties were used to wine & dine the upper crust of the four county area including Jefferson, Harrison, Carrollton and Columbiana Counties. Encinoans, you've chosen the right people to become friends with, since You will see most of them again at GITMO or the lockup that those in this area will be stored in for their corruption.

These crazies must of thought this Ohio RICO Fraud was going to last another 10 years but that's what happens when You assume.

In order to continue this fine new tradition of Good Will, after all are convicted and in their Rent Free cells, I will produce an Encino News Letter, the GITMO Edition, to send to all of Our new found friends from Encino, to let them know what they are missing and how we are spending the money that they had removed from their bank accounts and placed in the US Treasury.

Hoping For A Speedy Removal of Your Kind From Our US Soil.

Your friend and "Partner". Ron Hale

I have a good memory and it doesn't take long to figure out who's posts add no value and appear to be abusive toward me and the Truth that is coming.

People like: "The Grammar Police", "The You Don't Understand, mis-leader", "The You are conflicted - authority", "The what are you taking or not taking - crowd", no longer need to post a response directed to me, I won't see it. 

I have a message for those who want to know the future, take it or leave it.  

When I check my emails, I Delete emails that are notices that these folks have made a comment. 

I suggest that those who see me as a threat or You get angry at seeing my name, please do the same with my messages, they are a waste of your time, Right?  You can only hope so. 

Why would Encino who has broken bread with Our County "leaders" (see Encino's Landowner News Letter) and is now partnered with them, drop all royalties by 90%? That hurts everyone doesn't it? Some Landowners won't be able to pay their Real Estate Taxes, which reminds me those Real Estate Taxes come due in September. Isn't that a coincidence.

Isn't theft of royalties a theft from every Ohio Citizen? Yes and no. I've mentioned the County Land Banks and Land Re-utilization LLCs that 54 Ohio Counties had last year when I checked, there could be more today. Those companies didn't exist before the Shale Oil & Gas were discovered in Our Counties. Could this be a coincidence?

My County like other Ohio Counties and the State Of Ohio are partnered with Mark Shapiro of Dallas Texas. Mark has 140 plus shell companies, so You know he is an "honest" man, right? Mark owns Tax Ease, and Tax Ease Ohio. Mark has access to maps that he can use to determine where the Oil and Gas is located in Our Counties. When Landowners fail to pay their taxes, after 1 year Tax Liens are "produced" by Our County and sold each September. Mark Shapiro knows which parcels he wants before the sale.

Once Mark owns the Lien, he can demand payment and foreclose. Some have been given balloon payment loans, so they can pay what they can afford, like $200 a month, but at the end of the year receive a bill for $10,000. How does that $1,000 tax You didn't pay become $12,400 owed to Mark Shapiro in a Year? Aren't there laws protecting Real Estate owners from those who knowingly set the monthly bill well below the Balloon payment that can be calculated to come due at the end of the Year? Yes, Deception in Real Estate Writings, for one.

Does anyone keep track of the money stream that becomes available as County Landowner wealth is disposed of due to unpaid Real Estate Taxes? The NSA would know where the money goes by use of the Hammer Computer. I believe Our Problem has been addressed, they just don't know it yet. There are 5,000 plus Sealed Federal Indictments for Ohio alone.

Note: Don't go past the due date of Your Real Estate Taxes, Ohio adds a 10% penalty on day one that You are late. Don't take an un-neccesary financial penalty if You are forgetful, pay that bill early.

To keep it short, let me say, If God hadn't stepped in, the State and Counties would have owned most if not all of the Real Estate we currently live on, and the wealth of Our minerals.
Example: My County Councilmen own Royalties in one of the Well Units I'm on. Do they get a fair Royalty? I haven't looked into this yet.

Remember when I mentioned that Our President Trump negotiated the US out of Maritime Law into Common Law while in England on 6/5/19? Things are going to change at the Courthouses and they don't know it yet.

Able Danger who is Field McConnel on You Tube discusses this topic, since his home is under attack illegally by his state.
A word of caution, Field is not easy to follow if You are easily distracted, because he certainly is easily distracted, plus he attempts to code most sentences un-necessarily. In a 3 hour presentation, he is lucky cover 30 minutes of new information. He is a Godly Man, but is very casual with his presentation and his use of ROUGH language. Field says that Real Estate Foreclosures will soon be declared illegal. The Esquires have lost their Teeth and the Courts have no jurisdiction over US Citizens, per Field.

Never fear Our Troops, they have each sworn an Oath as I have done, to protect US Citizens and the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that Oath doesn't end after the enlistment is over.

Don't forget to Pray for the safety of Our President and Our Troops as they un-install the Deep State. Now You see how God has stepped in.


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