Encino (Canadian Retirement Fund) Energy Who Are They, Why have they crushed Ohioans Royalties & Their Future

I did the research on who Encino (Spanish for Oak) was when I heard they were going to take the hand off from Chesapeake.

Encino is a Canadian Retirement Investment Firm, I don't know how they can claim to be an Energy Company, their office in Houston won't list who is in the corporation, and they wouldn't take my Certified Mail.

The Parent Company is Another Retirement Fund consisting of China, Australia, Canada, UK or EU, possibly New Zealand. I suspect the Money Mafia has taken over Our Domestic Oil and Gas. Our Military will make short work of these folks when the time comes. 

I have the  notes somewhere on Encino & their Parent Company, maybe I'll make a post out of it.

I'll tell the Truth, I expect Everyone Else to be Honest, don't be telling me how they are paying better than Chesapeake, I know the scam.

I'm on 4 Wells that are each making over 13 Million a year for Chesapeake. This came out in one of the Oil & Gas Magazines in 2013. The article was discussing the cost of drilling a Horizontal Well which at that time cost $13 Million to Drill. The Article went on to say that the cost of drilling each well was being paid for in less than a year. So on the low side a Well will produce over $13 Million per year.

I've checked my 20% Royalty per my ALOV Lease using $13 Million as the annual take by CHK and have discovered that I'm being paid less than a 1% Royalty.

The month before Encino took over paying Royalties Chesapeake cut my Royalty in half, they gave Doug Lawler a nice bonus I'm sure by doing this to every landowner in Ohio. Don't tell me I'm wrong, I know Chesapeake doesn't discriminate, they steal equally from every Land Owner across the Nation.

Encino's first Royalty payment cut that by 30% and gave me a one time only check for 27 cents to cover Total E&Ps 25% ownership of my wells. I've not seen another check since for Total. The office lady said they didn't have the books or know which Wells Total owned 25% of. I've since been told Total owns 25% of all Chesapeake Wells in the Utica.

Month 2 they cut that amount by 1/2 and now month 3 they have cut it in half again.

I suspect they will continue this trend, but I won't pay them for stealing my well products even if they send me a bill.

I figure the NSA has been following the Federal Court Cases against Chesapeake and know which judges, lawyers, Arbitrators and politicians have been moving Chesapeake Cash into their bank accounts.

We will have the last laugh on Encino and Chesapeake. The 5,000 plus Sealed Federal Indictments for Ohio will be unsealed over the next year. The Deep State and Severe Human Rights Violators will be Rounded Up first, since Human Traffickers and Child Traffickers must be removed immediately to protect the lives of those now being Trafficked.

Next will come be the Corrupt who will be indicted. This is going to smart a bit since those connected to the State and Washington corrupt never thought that this Round Up could ever happen. I'm sure the Sizeable Bank Accounts will be the Tell Tale sign that does most of these greedy folks in. 

In the End, Chesapeake will be in the US Treasury, and Encino will be removed from the US since they gained access to Our Domestic Oil and Gas by way of Chesapeake Energy.

There is at least one individual that should be considered for Treason, along with the Board Of Directors, and past & present Chesapeake Owners.They handed over Our Domestic Oil and Gas to China, France, Canada, Australia and others during a time of War which was declared in 2002. Treason during War time is a death sentence and rightly so.

If we hadn't elected Donald J. Trump, this theft would have become a permanent way of life for We The People, as it has been from the first Well drilled in PA to Present.

It has been said that there are evil beings that we will one day learn of that draw energy from Human Suffering and Pain, so don't let Encino's attempt to destroy you by gutting Your Royalties cause You pain and suffering, Know that they will be dealt with when the time comes. . God Wins and Ohio Will Have The Bright Future We Were Promised When We Signed Our Leases. 

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Gotta love how only a Texas company can take out a tax lien on tax delinquent parcels in Ohio, yet an average Ohioan is not allowed to do so.  What's worse are the carpet bagger out of state LLC mineral buyers.  Talk about robbing Ohio of taxes........an out of state mineral buyer pays the the royalty income taxes to the state it's chartered in.  Ohioans if you want to sell your minerals you can probably at least find someone in your own community who would buy..     just because someone in your own community is not door knocking, cold calling, or sending out mailings doesn't mean they would not buy.  

I was told by a Landowner that a Lawyer informed him that Encino would continue to take deductions from Ohio Landowners with No Deduction Leases until each Landowner notifies Encino of their error. 

To close the door on the excuse that "We Didn't Know that Landowners had No Deduction Leases", I notified Betty Hammer today by email that the ALOV, SURE and KWD Leases are No Deduction Gross Royalty Leases.

Also Betty was informed that Encino failed to pay Royalties as described in her letter to all Landowners regarding Total E&P 25% Well Ownership.

I converted the email / letter to a form that others can use if they aren't comfortable being represented on one email. It can never hurt to notify Encino as described in Your lease. Remember Landowners must follow their leases, O&G Companies do what they want.

Remember that this is a temporary inconvenience which will be corrected as Our President, the NSA, and Our Military use the tools at their disposal, to remove all Corrupt persons and activities from Our Nation. Executive Order links are in my subscription

This was a campaign promise of President Trump's which he will soon make good on.

Promises Made, Promises Kept.

One more thing, When evil attempts to close the door on good Citizens, God knocks down the wall for those who never quit and never give up.

To: Betty Hammer, Land Administration Manager, Encino Energy

From: ______________, Ohio Landowner, Owner ID: _________

Subject: Formal Notice Of Encino Deductions From Ohio No Deduction Gross Leases Listed Below AND Total E&P 25% Royalty Payment, Failure To Pay Per May 24, 2019 Encino Letter.

Date: 8/19/19


The following leases of which there are 4 to 6 thousand in Ohio, are Gross Royalty No Deduction leases. Please be advised that continuing Your deductions due to being unaware is now inexcusable.
1) Associated Land Owners Of The Ohio Valley (ALOV)
2) SURE Leases - Ron Carlton coordinated these SURE signings after the ALOV leases had been signed.
3) KWD - this was the base lease that the above leases came from. A firm in Canton produced this No Deduction/Gross Royalty Lease.

Total E&P owns 25% of all that was Chesapeake Energy's holding in the Ohio Utica Shale. It has become obvious to all affected Ohioans that Encino Energy has failed to pay this 25% Ownership Royalty per the May 24, 2019 Encino Letter on this topic. This failure to pay the royalty due is now inexcusable.

This email is a permanent record since the NSA copies all emails on the Hammer Super Computer which become evidence.

Thank You for Your attention To This Issue.

___________________ Your Name Here


Stop the presses.  Encino Betty gave us a bad email address, or failed to acknowledge receipt of the email, similar to the Certified mail I sent to the Encino Houston Office. 

I call them a "nervous bunch", not wanting to sign anything that will incriminate them. The Postal Clerk said the Certified Mail was being carried up and down the stairs in an attempt to find someone who would sign for the letter. I haven't gotten a Return To Sender yet for the letter and it's been over 45 days now. I guess I should have gone to one of the dinners and handed my letter directly to Betty, but then again, I wasn't invited.

I'll send out some "Just Checking" emails soon to see if there is anyone in the Houston building for Encino.

I was told today that there are leases being signed. I didn't ask the details since this is probably a rumor about what is going to happen, but I can only imagine what this next round of leases will look like and why they are being signed.

Will they be leases being extended or new leases, since the first ones were singed in "error" by a non-real estate licensed landman.

One Landowner said that he believed that Encino was going to starve us out using the latest "adjustments" to Our Royalty Checks, then buy Our minerals.

If You don't remember, "Adjustments" were what those sweet ladies in the Chesapeake Revenue department use to tell us with a giggle to explain the latest theft of Royalties. They couldn't keep a straight face when they told that story to the Landowners.

When I was asked what an Adjustment was, my response was "think of Adjustment as the word Theft, they mean the same thing".

Who would consider selling their minerals to the same company that caused the need for the sale through fradulent means. Call me vindictive, but I would give my minerals away before allowing a thief to have their way with me.

The Human Spirit can not be destroyed, it's as immortal as a Human's Soul.  Watch and see.

Chesapeake held the title of most Corrupt in the US Domestic o&g industry. Those who have owned Chesapeake (T-bone pickens, and those before him <2008 and current owners) past & present board of directors, and the top prize winner (ceo, coo and the like) are highly probable to be found as Traitors during their Military Tribunals. Remember, the US declared War in 2002, so the maximum penalty applies to those found to commit Treason.

Did anyone ever wonder why ceos formed Executive Teams?
Those who are corrupt in corporations form these teams to spread out the guilt, while the money flows to the ceo. The ceo can say the Team agreed, the board of directors approved the actions, but who is ultimately held accountable? The person taking the money.

No one can deny that China, France, Canada and other questionable Nations are currently in OUR US Domestic Oil Patch. Like the Uranium 1 Treason, handing over US energy to the enemy during a time of War will be seen as Treason. Those responsible for this Treason will not waste away in prison.

Encino has now exceeded Chesapeake's level of Biblical theft. They are working for Canada, China, Australia the UK and others, which is where US Royalties are now being funneled, so they too have committed Treason.

Please don't read the following if You believe the World is only what You can see, that the evil spoken of in the Bible doesn't exist today on Our Planet. For those who sense that evil is real and the Bible Days never ended, Read On.

My bet is that those who run Encino are not only part of the World Bank Money Mafia, thay are also evil (and worse, the S word), casting their evil over us. Here is the how I know:
Letters were used to bring to Landowners attention that Total E&P (France & possibly China owned) Royalty owed would be paid each month in a separate check by Encino, while they have no Books or knowledge of which wells to pay the royalty on. Plus Encino knows Chesapeake will continue to bank the 25% as part of the World Bank deal. Chesapeake was handed over to the Washington Swamp in the Carlyle Group an International "corporation" thus another globalist company. Encino has no intention of paying the Total E&P 25% ownership royalty. The 27 cent check that I was paid for being on 4 Wells which each produce over $13 Million per year was to draw out anger from me, which didn't work.
Those who show anger are subject to being seen as dangerous and if the Red Flag Laws are adopted, they will be rounded up by those who run Our State and Counties. This is meant to ensure Angry Landowners will never meet another Real Estate Tax deadline, those we trusted want it all.

Encino was ready for Our phone calls after that first phony Total E&P royalty payment and had another story of hope to hand out to Ohio Landowners: "We will read Your leases and pay you fairly".
Encino Betty even said that she knew we weren't treated fairly by Chesapeake baiting us to think that was about to change, while knowing that they would continue to reduce Our Royalties to the point of financial damage to most Landowners. Those at the Courthouse see this as more opportunity to transfer Our wealth using the Real Estate Tax scam that will soon end. I've seen the News Paper articles of how foreclosures have been turned into a well oiled money making machine with Land Banks and Land Reutilization LLCs with plans to Reutilize Your Land and Homes.

There is an evil so well hidden that I can only sense that it exists, so I rely on trusted sources that tell me there are beings who live off of Human Suffering. Using a cycle of false hope then step reductions in Landowner Royalties which is obvious theft, is allowing Encino to create the suffering intended to feed these evil ones.

The office boy in Ohio was quick to tell me that Encino had found a problem with my lease, actually too quick, I don't remember giving him my Lease number or ownership number, so I suspect that this was the "Monthly Message" for all Landowners to bring on those feelings of despair, anger, hopelessness, just what they are trying to draw out of us, Our Energy.

The evil on Our Earth will be revealed to us in the future, but for now Know that there is a Plan to destroy those who would create Human suffering and those who's only goal is to enslave all Humans. They will all be removed from Our Planet, that is President Trump and Our Military's promise.
Please remain calm and stay positive in spite of the abuse that is being directed towards us. This is a temporary inconvenience, and I repeat: Our President, Our Military and the NSA will remove these evil doers from Our Country and then from Our Earth in order to put an end to Corruption and this evil.

Make sure You have plenty of Popcorn and seek out the War that is in progress, it won't be on National TV Channels or the Fake News, they are all owned by 5 Corporations which don't have our best interests in mind.

Presenters who are in the know and can decode Q drops, Our Presidents Twitter messages, and Speech coded messages to Patriots:
War Drummer (He understands the evil we face better than most), And We Know, James Red Pills America, Serial Brain 2, The Patriot Hour and  more are found on You Tube. You use You Tube to repair equipment, why not trust it to reveal certain Truths. 

Again, Remain positive, this evil will not become a way of Life for US Citizens as it was done in the past.

Pray for Our President, Our Military, and the NSA who are working the Plan to defeat the Deep State and the evil ones.

Note: I believe my message is no longer allowed to be seen by others.  Remember, God has an appointment to see each of us, count on it and have Your excuses ready.   .


I have interest in two wells in Columbiana County.  I have also seen a 90% reduction in royalties since Encino took over.  I thought that CHK was the biggest crook, but Encino is making CHK look like an angel.  I didn't even get a royalty for one well this time.

Hopefully the Hanover Farms class action lawsuit will keep moving forward and someday we will see the royalties we deserve:  https://casetext.com/case/zehentbauer-family-land-lp-v-chesapeake-e...

I wish the Ohio attorney general would follow Pennsylvania:  https://www.inquirer.com/philly/business/ag-josh-shapiro-chesapeake...

I'm not going to bring up any conspiracy theories.  It is clear that they are cheating/gaming the system.  Thanks for keeping this info in front of landowners so that no one else falls for this scheme. 


The term Conspiracy Theory was coined by the Fake News Media to shut You up and trigger those who are brainwashed into getting angry when anyone mentions facts, sometimes called Conspiracy Facts.

Turn Your Wishes into Reality, write a letter to US Attorney General Bar.  He is aware of what is taking place in Ohio with Chesapeake and Encino. I've sent them several letters over the years to document this Ohio RICO Fraud in progress.

Anyone who might read this, do the same. Let's put Ohio on the Top Of The List for the coming "Action".

Bill Barr, like Our President, Q Team, Our Military and the NSA love to destroy those who's corruption came close to destroying Our Republic. They have a plan, "The Storm" that Our President Trump spoke of a few Years back while with Military Leaders in the White House Oval Office.

Time 21 seconds, watch for Our President to write a Q with his hand:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9thZGy74oqw

The corrupt of this nation are the grass, and the Q Team is the lawnmower. There will be no escape.

Relax, stock up on Popcorn, plenty of fattening real butter, and Your favorite Beverage. Put Your feet up and watch the Greatest Story Ever Told on Your Big Screen, the 2nd American Revolution.  Take time to watch everything that has been produced by 1) And We Know,  2)  Serial Brain 2,  3)  James Red Pills America, 4) The War Drummer and other Q Presenters on You Tube.

Also see   qmap.pub   for Q Drops 

Now this is some Real Conspiracy Fact, count on it. 

US Attorney General William Barr

950 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, DC 20530-0001

When Magazines and Newspaper were permitted to carry news about the Utica Shale Play more than once the headlines read "Chesapeake is in Ohio for Natural Gas Liquids". There was plenty of money to be made in NGLs and these thieves knew it.

When I was paying $4 a gallon for Propane in 2014, I was paying Chesapeake to take my NGLs and part of my Oil and Gas royalties to cover the excessive Processing fees for separating NGLs into Propane, Ethane, Pentaine, Butane, Iso Butane, Methane plus remove the oil arriving by pipeline from the Wells that didn't come out of solution at the Well Pads.

We were credited 18 cents a gallon or less for NGLs which was wiped out by the processing fees. No one has been paid for a gallon of NGLs, We have paid to have them stolen, by having Our Oil & Gas Royalties that were calculated by using not one, but many frauds ( Understated Volumes, Understated Value, changing of Your Ownership Decimal Fraction (( How does that work? No one knows. The acres you own/acres in the Unit x Your royalty percent must change to change Your ownership decimal fraction. This was ignored when presented in the Hale Arbitration which was Closed out by the purchase of all involved. The NSA has it all folks, U B Screwed my "friends")).

O&G companies claim they took title to the Well Products at the Well Head allowing them to set the price of well products at what ever they want to pay. Buck Well 1H 1st Tanker load each month was $90 a barrel, the 2nd & 3rd Tanker loads were always $70 a barrel due to "dirty oil" per the revenue dept. The Tanker trucks always carried 200 barrels in Ohio, but the royalty statements made claims of 15 barrel, 13 barrels, -3 barrels.

Next the O&G company begins to deduct the cost of anything and everything from the Landowner: NGL Processing Fees, Fuel use that was stolen from Our wells then charged against us as if it came from another source, Compression fees, Pipeline use, Affiliate Fees and the list goes on.

The logical question is "I thought you paid me at the well head for the product, so how can you charge me for something I no longer own? The Truth is that money never changed hands at the Well Head so there was no sale.

A Federal Judge ruled that Chesapeake owed Landowners a royalty for the final sale, plus the money invested in Derivatives which made money for the O&G company, they owed Us a share of that. But that same judge can change her mind at will, no one is watching, RIGHT? WRONG!!!!

Encino needs Our Royalty money for their evil doings, so they have reduced this to 0.1%. But remember, the pain is coming, Justice that no one in the O&G industry has ever seen or felt in Our Country.

Remember how aubrey mclendon reacted to being indicted?

These losers are going to have a complete melt down when they find that their money means nothing to the Military Tribunal Judges, the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and the Well Oiled Justice Machine that will grind the Corrupt into the worthless subhumans they have become.

Get the Popcorn Ready US Landowners, the Party will soon begin.

Good Night doug lawler, wherever you are.  U 2 Encino coo, whatever you were.

Equal Justice Under The Law, Coming Soon.

D-5 Avalanche is about to begin. Take Cover, with popcorn and beverages!

The US will become a Corrupt Free Zone. The Corrupt will suffer the consequences of their actions.

Law abiding US Citizens please watch entire video below by "X22 Report" on You Tube:

D5 Avalanche, Could Gouge The Landscape, Take Cover, Incoming


The fact that US domestic oil & gas companies have been stealing from US Citizens cannot be denied. This means US domestic oil & gas has been engaged in Corruption.

You can see how removing Corruption from the US will directly affect US Citizens who have had their Well Products stolen, which makes this post relative to Shale O&G and this website.

The following is evidence of what has been taking place behind the scenes by Our President, Our Military and the NSA, to keep his campaign promise to end Corruption in the US.

Those who obey US Laws, Please watch the following video as an update. The written Summary starts at 28:50 for those who want a quick update.

Caution: This video may be dangerous to the Corrupt or those engaged in Severe Human Rights Abuses.

Everything presented is True. I've seen no contradictions in Facts since Q drops began in October of 2017. In fact, Events that have taken place after the Q drops have proven those drops to be True. This is why Q says: "Future Proves Past".

SerialBrain2: Dorian: The Lo Shu Grid and Alabama Mystery Solved. PART 2     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UukaOCeg39M

Same concept without ads.  Short version. 


Who is ‘Q’? You make Q sound like someone that would offer a glass of kool aid...apparently you already drank it

I was introduced to Chesapeake's Ohio RICO Fraud 5 months after the Buck Well 1H started production. A nice lady in the Chesapeake Revenue Department sent me the attached 5 months of production including a small portion of the fraud Chesapeake uses to reduce a Landowners royalty to "A LITTLE SOMETHING".

I added the numbers at the top of each column from left to right to identify each column so it will be easy to follow along as I take you on a trip of RICO Fraud, US Mail Fraud, Conversion and general theft/Theft By Deception which is Ohio RICO Fraud when two individuals are stolen from two months in a row. Ohio RICO Fraud was entered in March 2014 for those on the Buck 1H and 6H Wells.
Knowing that criminals are limited in their ability to be creative, I have no doubt that every US Landowner who has been stolen from by Chesapeake has this same Revenue sheet being used to defraud them each month.

How Are You Being Stolen From? Let me count the ways:

1) Column 6 Purchaser: Chesapeake failed to fabricate a cash sale to CEMI which is Chesapeake Marketing by a past name (Shell Companies names are changed as required to protect Chesapeake Energy). There has been no sale at the Well Head across the US. Stolen Royalty money was used to payoff anyone who could stop this fraud. They never thought Hillary would lose and a Non Esquire /Deep State President would be elected with plans to end corruption in the US. Chesapeake's Corruption which is Biblical and so obvious will meet justice soon.

Note: The judge in the Henceroth Case in Federal Court in Youngstown ruled that Royalties are due on the only sale that takes place which is to the end user. The below fair market value purchase at the well head by CEMI never took place, since no money therefore no Title Change took place. Every Landowner must be paid a royalty on the only sale that occurred when title changed to a Fair Market Value Purchaser. That makes downstream deductions to the end user logical, but illegal for those with a No Deduction/Gross Royalty Lease, and illegal in the overcharge & fraud used in each deduction taken.

2) Ohioans have never been paid a royalty for Natural Gas Liquids: Column 14 is Percentage of Deduction. Notice it is greater than 100% for Natural Gas Liquids, product code 4 (NGLs) found in Column 5. Ohioans have paid to have their NGLs stolen by this overcharge deduction which further reduced the royalty on Oil & Gas which was fraudulently calculated/well below market price/including many other scams to reduce volume,quality and value of the Oil and Natural Gas.

3) You have a No Deduction Lease and the CHK Royalty Statements shows "0" deductions. Columns 11, 12 & 13 are deductions. This is US Mail Fraud since the USPS delivered your fraud to your door. Everyone knows this is true but only a Corrupt Free US can act on this Fraud. Soon my friends, soon.

4) Fuel Use Deduction Column 12: This deduction is for fuel used from your wells, fuel is used from your well without permission, then you pay for that fuel as a deduction. This is double dipping. Anything goes when the goal is to give each Landowner "A Little Something" as a royalty.

5) Column 17 Owner Payment Decimal: Notice how the number changes for this "owner" on Buck Well 1H. That number is constant on other wells since it is supposed to be the Ownership Decimal documented in the Division Orders that have turned into incomplete documents since the actual Landowner acres aren't being reported on the Division Orders. CHK can't explain this fraud because it is fraud.

6) Conversion - This law is fool proof, anyone that sells a product that has been stolen from others, even if they were unaware of the theft (not the case with Chesapeake) are guilty per this law.

Imagine being so greedy that A) Chesapeake commits fraud at the well head, no money thus no title changes of well products handed over to their "Marketing Company", then B) Chesapeake charges US Landowners "deductions" to get the products they are told they no longer own to the first Fair Market Purchaser. This is the ultimate "having it both ways".

Every LLC "Member" by procedure puts any money left over from their theft after stock dividends and royalty severe underpayment, in their bank accounts. You can see why some Landowners aren't paid and all are severely shorted by the LLCs. doug will probably say he didn't know, or the "executive team" is at fault, but he is the one who benefited most by this Treasonous crime against US Citizens.
There are many more thefts that take place from the well head to the end user. Those can be found in the Henceroth vs Chesapeake Lawsuit in Youngstown Federal Court or the Hale vs Chesapeake Arbitration that was swept under the judicial rug using huge sums of cash awards to all involved except the one stolen from. I was co-author of these 2 documents and accepted no payment.

The huge cash Awards paid by Chesapeake to prevent any further Arbitrations will show up on the Hammer Super Computer as evidence. You who took an award have sealed your fate.

Those who have stood by like those 3 Monkeys on my Grandparents Mantle (See, Hear and Speak No Evil), Enjoy your wealth and freedom, You will soon lose both, and some who have committed Treason will lose ALL.

Government Officials Past and Present Who conspired to steal States Natural Resources have a paragraph in the Executive Order "Severe Human Rights Abuse And Corruption, signed by Our President Trump 12/21/17.

The State Of Ohio has over 5,000 of the Nations 125,000 plus Sealed Federal Indictments assigned to Ohioans. Those who are corrupt but are missed during the Round Up, don't worry, there will be a 2nd Round Up and 3rd until all corrupt are brought to justice.



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