Encino (Canadian Retirement Fund) Energy Who Are They, Why have they crushed Ohioans Royalties & Their Future

I did the research on who Encino (Spanish for Oak) was when I heard they were going to take the hand off from Chesapeake.

Encino is a Canadian Retirement Investment Firm, I don't know how they can claim to be an Energy Company, their office in Houston won't list who is in the corporation, and they wouldn't take my Certified Mail.

The Parent Company is Another Retirement Fund consisting of China, Australia, Canada, UK or EU, possibly New Zealand. I suspect the Money Mafia has taken over Our Domestic Oil and Gas. Our Military will make short work of these folks when the time comes. 

I have the  notes somewhere on Encino & their Parent Company, maybe I'll make a post out of it.

I'll tell the Truth, I expect Everyone Else to be Honest, don't be telling me how they are paying better than Chesapeake, I know the scam.

I'm on 4 Wells that are each making over 13 Million a year for Chesapeake. This came out in one of the Oil & Gas Magazines in 2013. The article was discussing the cost of drilling a Horizontal Well which at that time cost $13 Million to Drill. The Article went on to say that the cost of drilling each well was being paid for in less than a year. So on the low side a Well will produce over $13 Million per year.

I've checked my 20% Royalty per my ALOV Lease using $13 Million as the annual take by CHK and have discovered that I'm being paid less than a 1% Royalty.

The month before Encino took over paying Royalties Chesapeake cut my Royalty in half, they gave Doug Lawler a nice bonus I'm sure by doing this to every landowner in Ohio. Don't tell me I'm wrong, I know Chesapeake doesn't discriminate, they steal equally from every Land Owner across the Nation.

Encino's first Royalty payment cut that by 30% and gave me a one time only check for 27 cents to cover Total E&Ps 25% ownership of my wells. I've not seen another check since for Total. The office lady said they didn't have the books or know which Wells Total owned 25% of. I've since been told Total owns 25% of all Chesapeake Wells in the Utica.

Month 2 they cut that amount by 1/2 and now month 3 they have cut it in half again.

I suspect they will continue this trend, but I won't pay them for stealing my well products even if they send me a bill.

I figure the NSA has been following the Federal Court Cases against Chesapeake and know which judges, lawyers, Arbitrators and politicians have been moving Chesapeake Cash into their bank accounts.

We will have the last laugh on Encino and Chesapeake. The 5,000 plus Sealed Federal Indictments for Ohio will be unsealed over the next year. The Deep State and Severe Human Rights Violators will be Rounded Up first, since Human Traffickers and Child Traffickers must be removed immediately to protect the lives of those now being Trafficked.

Next will come be the Corrupt who will be indicted. This is going to smart a bit since those connected to the State and Washington corrupt never thought that this Round Up could ever happen. I'm sure the Sizeable Bank Accounts will be the Tell Tale sign that does most of these greedy folks in. 

In the End, Chesapeake will be in the US Treasury, and Encino will be removed from the US since they gained access to Our Domestic Oil and Gas by way of Chesapeake Energy.

There is at least one individual that should be considered for Treason, along with the Board Of Directors, and past & present Chesapeake Owners.They handed over Our Domestic Oil and Gas to China, France, Canada, Australia and others during a time of War which was declared in 2002. Treason during War time is a death sentence and rightly so.

If we hadn't elected Donald J. Trump, this theft would have become a permanent way of life for We The People, as it has been from the first Well drilled in PA to Present.

It has been said that there are evil beings that we will one day learn of that draw energy from Human Suffering and Pain, so don't let Encino's attempt to destroy you by gutting Your Royalties cause You pain and suffering, Know that they will be dealt with when the time comes. . God Wins and Ohio Will Have The Bright Future We Were Promised When We Signed Our Leases. 

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Gotta love how only a Texas company can take out a tax lien on tax delinquent parcels in Ohio, yet an average Ohioan is not allowed to do so.  What's worse are the carpet bagger out of state LLC mineral buyers.  Talk about robbing Ohio of taxes........an out of state mineral buyer pays the the royalty income taxes to the state it's chartered in.  Ohioans if you want to sell your minerals you can probably at least find someone in your own community who would buy..     just because someone in your own community is not door knocking, cold calling, or sending out mailings doesn't mean they would not buy.  

I was told by a Landowner that a Lawyer informed him that Encino would continue to take deductions from Ohio Landowners with No Deduction Leases until each Landowner notifies Encino of their error. 

To close the door on the excuse that "We Didn't Know that Landowners had No Deduction Leases", I notified Betty Hammer today by email that the ALOV, SURE and KWD Leases are No Deduction Gross Royalty Leases.

Also Betty was informed that Encino failed to pay Royalties as described in her letter to all Landowners regarding Total E&P 25% Well Ownership.

I converted the email / letter to a form that others can use if they aren't comfortable being represented on one email. It can never hurt to notify Encino as described in Your lease. Remember Landowners must follow their leases, O&G Companies do what they want.

Remember that this is a temporary inconvenience which will be corrected as Our President, the NSA, and Our Military use the tools at their disposal, to remove all Corrupt persons and activities from Our Nation. Executive Order links are in my subscription

This was a campaign promise of President Trump's which he will soon make good on.

Promises Made, Promises Kept.

One more thing, When evil attempts to close the door on good Citizens, God knocks down the wall for those who never quit and never give up.

To: Betty Hammer, Land Administration Manager, Encino Energy

From: ______________, Ohio Landowner, Owner ID: _________

Subject: Formal Notice Of Encino Deductions From Ohio No Deduction Gross Leases Listed Below AND Total E&P 25% Royalty Payment, Failure To Pay Per May 24, 2019 Encino Letter.

Date: 8/19/19


The following leases of which there are 4 to 6 thousand in Ohio, are Gross Royalty No Deduction leases. Please be advised that continuing Your deductions due to being unaware is now inexcusable.
1) Associated Land Owners Of The Ohio Valley (ALOV)
2) SURE Leases - Ron Carlton coordinated these SURE signings after the ALOV leases had been signed.
3) KWD - this was the base lease that the above leases came from. A firm in Canton produced this No Deduction/Gross Royalty Lease.

Total E&P owns 25% of all that was Chesapeake Energy's holding in the Ohio Utica Shale. It has become obvious to all affected Ohioans that Encino Energy has failed to pay this 25% Ownership Royalty per the May 24, 2019 Encino Letter on this topic. This failure to pay the royalty due is now inexcusable.

This email is a permanent record since the NSA copies all emails on the Hammer Super Computer which become evidence.

Thank You for Your attention To This Issue.

___________________ Your Name Here



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