World energy research is an organization that promotes and explores the development of prospects in the field of energy. Traditionally, the demand for energy was met with fossil fuels. But the decreasing supply and the rising prices of these have been a cause of concern for many. To fulfill the rising demands of energy, the world is gradually shifting towards clean energy.

Clean energy has become a favored option by many, especially the environmentalists. This is because such kind of energy does not lead to environmental pollution and helps in conserving the earth. This is in contrast to the fossil fuels that emit harmful gases on combustion.

Many investors have come forward to invest in this sector. In 2008, the total energy investments have gone to 155 billion dollars. Besides the high returns, it is the only sector which remains unaffected by the recession. These investors are well assisted by the World Energy Research in finding those areas that need to be developed and which can prove to be advantageous.

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First off let me clear up that I do agree we should initiate some renewable resource development to add to our current energy intake. Now, down to your post.

You mention there is decreasing supply..... You say this on a Marcellus shale website? I don't get it. This resource alone is the largest natural gas field in North America - and second petroleum field in the entire world (as of now). Just with the Haynesville and Marcellus shales, our energy reserves have shot through the roof - they've never been higher. Decreasing supply? mmm... actually it's growing supply.

You say "fossil fuels" like they're all the same. Coal, oil, gas... all the same? Not even close. I'm not going to get into that, as I'm sure the readers here are aware of the cleaner nature of nat gas. Read some of their posts on natural gas as a better energy source. To just say "fossil fuels are bad"... I mean, that's 8th grade debate material. We're past that now.

Your last paragraph states that renewables are the only sector that remain unaffected by the recession. Seriously? The recession has actually hurt that industry the most. These projects are expensive, and when oil is at 160 a barrel and nat gas at 13 bucks... yes, wind may be somewhat competitive. Now oil is at 70 and gas at 6 and guess what, wind is blown out of the water (or... blown off the farm).

These "investors" who arent hurt by the recession are... (drum roll please)..... the taxpayers! AKA the government. We are in a recession, and to rush renewables through when we're down - well thats just ridiculous. We cant spend money can't afford. What we can afford is natural gas. It's the cheapest and most abundant energy we have. But it's tough to move forward in getting off oil and coal when people like you just want to jump over to renewables. There needs to be a segway - and that perfect bridge is natural gas.

Just keep this in mind before you write another bland post:

1. Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel (1/3 co2 than coal, half of oil)
2. We have more natural gas than the entire middle east + South America.
3. Our supply of natural gas is increasing (quadrupled since 2000).

The only thing holding us back from relying on natural gas are the environmentalists like yourself. This is America. Let's finally use our own energy!!


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