Mike Knapp just added a new blog entry concerning the growing problem of dwindling landowner rights.
Check out http://knappAP.blogspot.com. written on December 28th! Right on,Mike!

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  • A Geologic Play Book for Trenton-Black River Appalachian Basin Exploration (2006), CD-ROM available for free from the U.S. Department of Energy.

I would recommend this source.  Rather technical for the layman, but have a look.  The original link is from the Ohio Geological Survey's website.  It is a free download from DOE though large.


Thanks for all you teach us. It is much appreciated.



Once again, Mike Knapp contributes valuable insight and hits the nail on the head...http://knappap.blogspot.com/   The amazing thing is that the gas company and the landowner CAN work together with a common interest. 


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