Yes he is obtuse, yes he speaks his mind, yes he can be an A%$hole, but he is the landowner's $%#&^*$.

He speaks for us.

I have followed Fang's post from when he first appeared, who is he, it really doesn't matter to me because he is never personal and he debates obviously with facts and knowledge.  What I know about him from this site is he is an old timer landman from the days of the first clinton wells.  He is a veteran of urban unitization which is the toughest part of the well unit development.  He is very experienced in my book.


Now many here question his agenda when they no longer can debate.  Let me tell you what I see as his Agenda, it is the same as mind and the same as landowners and the same as professional people in this trade.  We and Fang are outraged how those who never understood a clinton well royalty check, never managed real estate, those who's knowledge of a lease was an apartment lease............those who jumped up and preached to the masses who owned land that they could represent them in this once in a life time gold rush.   Yes we have an agenda to see justice for fellow landowners and the RETURN of the professionals in the continuation of this energy development.  The banishing of those who unjustly enriched themselves at the expense of the landowner, big or small.


Fang's Agenda IMHO is the same as Jack Straw, Marcus, Townsend, Brink, The oil patch man, all of us who post and learn here everyday, just local community folk.

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Fang's the best. He has helped me on many issues and I have learned from other people's question, too, that he has answered. I appreciate the links he puts up to further my knowledge of my questions and others. I thank him alot for what he has helped me with. I am not computer savvy and have no knowledge of the oil/gas leasing proceedures and how it works after I received the check from Shell. I am in the dark. But thanks to Fang and other peoples' posts I am learning.  :)

Maybe we can start a reality TV show starring Fang.  We can put a bag on his head, or obscure his face in shadows so that he can continue the mystery.  

idea, vendors should advertise   vs inviting fake planted posters to

hum along.

Melissa, Rap,

Um, I have a strong feeling there a number of avatars registered to the same person who then answers their own topics.

I kinda think Ron is just Ron..


Sure about that JK? I thought the same thing nearly a year ago. 


After I wrote that more thoughts came to mind.

Topics discussed are made better for us on GMS.

And if someon has more information we may not have been aware of then it is presented for consideration. This is a good thing.

It appears the style(s) of writing follow the posted comments.

Dont cha think?

Same style?  Three are two.  (imo)   Ron aka Fang would make three, one.

I can asure you that in my case there is only me to blame.

I don't know what some of the people on here mean by some of their remarks on here. Call me dumb but I don't understand why some want to sling mud at certain people.
I am learning from all of u.
About some of us being taken advantage of when we signed up with drillers in the Clinton, yes we trusted them to much. We all should have gone to someone that knew the ropes of drilling for G&O. Now we have the chance to go get good advice with what is going on now in some areas. We have a recommendation from a reliable person who to go too. If things turn out for us and we make some wise decisions we r hoping to get a tidy sum. I only wish for everyone that all receive a tidy sum. :-)). Good luck to all. Keep the positive remarks coming.


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