Yes he is obtuse, yes he speaks his mind, yes he can be an A%$hole, but he is the landowner's $%#&^*$.

He speaks for us.

I have followed Fang's post from when he first appeared, who is he, it really doesn't matter to me because he is never personal and he debates obviously with facts and knowledge.  What I know about him from this site is he is an old timer landman from the days of the first clinton wells.  He is a veteran of urban unitization which is the toughest part of the well unit development.  He is very experienced in my book.


Now many here question his agenda when they no longer can debate.  Let me tell you what I see as his Agenda, it is the same as mind and the same as landowners and the same as professional people in this trade.  We and Fang are outraged how those who never understood a clinton well royalty check, never managed real estate, those who's knowledge of a lease was an apartment lease............those who jumped up and preached to the masses who owned land that they could represent them in this once in a life time gold rush.   Yes we have an agenda to see justice for fellow landowners and the RETURN of the professionals in the continuation of this energy development.  The banishing of those who unjustly enriched themselves at the expense of the landowner, big or small.


Fang's Agenda IMHO is the same as Jack Straw, Marcus, Townsend, Brink, The oil patch man, all of us who post and learn here everyday, just local community folk.

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Pa. would get a big blast of income tax revenue off of a bunch of bonus money from new leases, or a bunch of new wells would go into production if the HBP definition was changed to match what the RRC rules in Texas.  Of couse that money would go into public coffers for the public good, where as a bribe goes directly into a politician's pocket not to make that change.  Bribes can be delivered imediately too, as long as they are paid secretly enough.

I would seriously like to see more of the Marcellus and Utica money stay near home, hate to see too much of it head out to Houston or Oklahoma City.


well heck jack, what with the royalties, taxes, payrolls, purchases and millions a month paid to pennsylvania subcontractors by each of the operators every month, i'd say a pretty good chunk of the gas money is already staying here in the marcellus.

and what goes isnt just heading to houston and ok. city, some of it's going overseas too.

so i'm curious, what's your plan to keep more here?


Third party estimates suggest somewhere around $1.2 Billion dollars were paid to PA landowners in royalties in 2012 alone.

Thats $1,200,000,000.00

As a citizen of PA, would you not want to see more money stay in the State of PA? And if not, why not?


RE: "so i'm curious, what's your plan to keep more here?"

A good start would be for the States of the Marcellus and Utica to get together and formulate a set of standards and licensing procedures for Landmen; with substantial penalties for documented unethical conduct.

I see where there is a  Pennsylvania Cosmetology and Barber license.         In PA, landmen don't need to be certified or licensed to work.

Landman licensing fees and penalties for documented unethical conduct, might have the potential to both keep more money here and clean up a profession that has gained a bad reputation.




RE: "My answer to the dilemma is educated land owners. Which is the focus of my work on GMS."

And what a dilemma it is to attempt to educate landowners.

Many are elderly (or otherwise) and lack the internet resources that enabled us to discover resources such as this site. I wish that there was a way to better reach them, as they are the most likely to be victimized.

As I might not have earlier noted, I am among the legions who appreciate your dogged efforts on the behalf of landowners.

Nobody is handing out free money, but there are those that dispense free information that can be as good as Gold.

And a good night to you Fang.



Marcellus Utica Landowners Association MULA is the answer.  An organization of landowners with professional retainers here on GMS.  A nonprofit run by a board with a mission to ensure the interest of landowners are met during the development of the energy from their minerals.

while i wouldnt disagree that some sortof certification and accountability standards for landmen would have merit, it wouldnt generate much in the way of revenue to the states in the marcellus.

regarding landowner education, it's a very noble cause. i have been at it for years. one thing i have come to realize though is, that we will not be ale to help everyone. there will always be disappointments.

but we trudge on, doing the best we can here on these forums and on a daily basis with those we interact with.


First, I have no beef with Fang or anybody else.  However I am sick and tired of hearing the multitudes of problems with the entire shale development.  It seems to me that there should be a moratorium on all shale development PERIOD.  A standard and FAIR lease should be implemented within an entire shale system so that everyone is treated and payed the same, and I don't mean just fair to the landowner, but to the developers as well.  I do have an idea why this doesn't happen though.  The lawyers would all be cut out of the picture, and most politicians started out as lawyers.  And all the lawyers I know work on one principal, GREED!

OK now go ahead you "know it alls" and rake me over the coals, I'm ready.

what problems?


"So the maples formed a union and demanded equal rights, the oaks are just to greedy, we will make them give us light. Now there's no more oak oppression for they passed a noble law, and the trees are all kept equal by hatchet, axe, and saw."


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