Former Range Resources CEO, Encino Energy Is Deja Vu All Over Again, Or Is It?

Former Range Resources CEO, Encino Energy is deja vu all over again

Business Times, March 20, 2019 – By Paul Gough

There’s something somewhat familiar about the journey that former Range Resources Chairman and CEO John Pinkerton is taking with his newest company, Encino Energy. Read more.

This journey will be nothing like the Range Resources journey. johnny will be getting a One way trip to GITMO.

I remember this loser, he had PA Citizens sign leases for the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania, then bragged afterwards that he got a "Triple Play" due to paying for 1 shale play, the Marcellus, then getting 2 additional Shale plays below that.

In Ohio this would be Deception In Writings since the landowners would have been deceived in this Real Estate Transaction.

I believe the Range Resources journey was enough to cost johnny his soul.

Now this Encino journey will be Justice served up by the US Military.

Stealing 90% of the remaining 1% royalty from Chesapeakes theft in the Ohio 4 County area, should put Pinkerton where he belongs well past his Shelf Life, plus there could be a Treason charge here since China is backing Encino for a cut of the US Domestic Energy during a time of War.

johnny will join his relatives that took advantage of US Citizens through Pinkerton Security Co. that was used in Coal Mine disputes to rough up & murder coal miners. These old family names never seem to die out, I wonder why that is.

Now We Know who will be paying for Encino Energy and Chesapeake Energy's crimes against Ohio Landowners. Of course doug will still carry the burden for his Chesapeake Crimes in Ohio. Treason charges are not out of the question for the sale of US Domestic Energy to China.

I don't hate these losers, but I do love to see how their greed eventually does them in. You would be wise to Learn from their lessons.

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Encino Belle of the Ball at OOGA’s 72nd Annual Meeting
March 8, 2019 Encino Energy, Energy Companies, Meetings, Ohio, Statewide OH

The Ohio Oil & Gas Association (OOGA) is currently holding their 72nd Annual Meeting in Columbus, Ohio. U.S. Vice President Mike Pence will address the event today.

Cool! Kallanish Energy is at the event. They report that Encino Energy, which bought out all of Chesapeake Energy’s considerable Ohio Utica assets last year, was the “center of attention” yesterday.

Now there is some deja vu, Encino will be the "center of attention" again in the near future, but not the attention that they were hoping for.


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