Do you know gas workers that have experienced health or safety problems on the job?

Oilfield contractor, Washington County, PA.

“We lost pressure on the frack … Where’s their water at? Oh, my God, where’s it at? It’s blowing up through the woods like Old Faithful, there’s all that frack water pumping over the hill down over through the woods, down in creeks. What did we do? Cover it up a little bit, put the pipes together, start pumping again”. When asked “how many times has this occurred?”, he answered “at least once a month … everybody’s taking turns covering up”.

Truck driver, Altoona, PA.

“There’s guys on there two and three years that never had a safety meeting”.

“You’ll lose all your senses: your smell, your taste, you’ll taste metal on your tongue all the time, then you’ll get this spinning all the time”.

About the number of jobs generated by the gas industry: “Yeah, there’s jobs! Once you get this stuff, you know what your job is? Looking for doctors.”

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Paul,  where do you find this jinned up crap?

No, I don't know any gas/frak industry workers with health issues created by the industry or that have been involved in safety coverups. There may be a few though, I don't know.  I do know quite a few that have no issues and have done the proper thing if a problem manifests itself....if you are interested in knowing any truths, which I doubt your are.

Every forum/board has to have at least one "Paul" to spread lies and half truths with no real facts to back up their claims.

Do you know any bicyclists that create safety issues as well as breaking vehicle laws while riding on roads designed for cars?? Yes there are plenty of them, google bicycle accident rate increases in the country.


Amish buggies are also a hazard sometimes. More then one Buggy with a passel of kids have been thrown out on the roads by a driver who was in a hurry to get wherever. I don't know about Paul's postings but care does have to be taken!

Bill L.


Do yourself a favor, open up those 'eyes wide shut' and watch the following....................

While you are at it, add Fracknation to your viewing.

 Horses are good with blinders, humans, not so much.

Nice try Tim, but I am afraid it's no use.

Paul is just an overeducated liberal that will be forever "eyes wide shut".  No common sense whatsoever because it is overshadowed with self importance lording it over us "little ants".  He and Josh Fox might as well be best friends.

I think he's confusing frack with crack.

The question is why Paul posts this stuff - he typically embarrasses himself in the end and doesn't do his "cause" any favors. I think he just likes to get a reaction, and isn't any more convinced of the accuracy of these claims than we are. If we stop responding I suspect he'd go away.

It's amazing how similar the health histories of oil field workers are to those of similar people in unrelated jobs. They all get sick and die eventually, and some blame their employers or profession. There are plenty of real studies already out there, and I've seen some of them. Like everything else on the topic, each side has got ones they like, and they ignore those they don't agree with. This post isn't research, just a sad guy wanting attention.

 Paul is an example of being educated past your intelligence level.

Paul is just an troll with a fractivist bent.


I once heard of a person who did a "time Study" at our local tannery. The management took his advice and made the recommended changes. A few months later he came back to find that the production had dropped way down, The time study said, "I don't understand it...I have spent several years in college studying how to make things more productive in operations like this."

One of the tannery workers over heard him and made this observation out loud, "It just goes to show that there are a lot of educated fools in high paying jobs who have no idea of what they are doing!"

The tannery management went back to their original schedule of running the hides thru the process before the "time study man" came in. The production jumped back to 100 percent within a couple of days. 

Bill L.


The true statistics from the Bureau of Labor shows that the oil and gas industry is actually safer than most occupations.

Further, the industry continues to find ways to improve safety through partnerships with private  and public organizations. Plus continuing education for employees.

This post is another failed attempt to derail the development of energy independence in our country.


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