Gathering line runs through property (Crawford Co. PA) with no evidence of ROW agreement.

here's the scenario..... I bought some acreage back in '10 along with the OGM rights.  It had a non-producing vertical well, so was able to get it 'plugged and capped'.  The tank battery and gathering line on my property were removed cut/capped.  Release followed and recorded at the Courthouse.  Couple of months ago called 'PA B4 U Dig or similar'.  A guy from Diversified O&G  made contact and said they had a line he monitored from an adjacent well thru my property and he'd come out and mark it.  I checked PA DEP site and the neighbor's well produces, but nothing great and the neighbors well along with the one on my property were spud back in 2006 (Atlas).  Before I contact an atty, about any rights or pursuing a ROW agreement, anybody else experience anything similar and how did it play out?   Thx for ur comments/help.

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The original lease the the well was drilled under probably granted gathering line permission.  There is probably nothing you can do or get from them, unless they wanted to install more lines.


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