Well location plat states Genesee under Target Formation? Any ideas on what that's about? This is in Greene County Pa

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Is it full of beer under that formation?

I've never heard of this play so am interested in more detail..
It's listed as such and we are having little luck in our search for it. So far it's the target formation listed on 2 maps we've purchased, on State Game lands pad 179. Rather puzzling to say the least.
Thanks Sylvester, lots of info there.

There are 175 permitted wells in Greene county targeting the Genesee with 28 producing.

The Genesee, along with the Geneseo, Burket, Rhinestreet and Middlesex are all part of the Upper Devonian group and are completely distinct from the Marcellus. All have producing wells throughout southwest Pennsylvania.

Some of these wells have already produced about 5 billion cubic feet of gas ... near Marcellus like output.

Detailed information is available from Marcellsgasdotorg for a nominal annual access fee.

You folks are sitting atop the largest source of gas on the planet and will continue to need to stand up for your bounty lest it be stifled by the hydrocarbon haters.

Thanks coffeeguyzz, For sharing your Info, with this site and other sites that help locate and find well info it's a bonus for all. Much appreciated.

I learn easily as much as I provide, carp.

You local folks can be an incredible source of onsite/current information, and I greatly appreciate what you all collectively share.

From a slightly different, expanded view, you all - specifically this 'shale revolution'  are in the crosshairs from several quarters who will continue to exert their utmost to stifle US unconventional development.

Countries like Qatar, Saudi, Kuwait, Russia are reeling from the threat Shale poses.

Industries like wind/solar, heck, even coal, are doing their utmost to tamp down shale.

(Just before and after that abominable Dakota Access Pipeline  brouhaha, a few wind companies contributed  thousands to Chief Archie and his gang. You can look it up).

It is my fervent desire, carp, that all Americans can be informed of the nefarious foes that effectively work to harm this emerging industry.

It is an incredible source of material benefit to you all specifically and the country in general.

as always CG you are spot on. the biggest concern however as of now is the financial challenges to e&p's which has increased dramatically with liquids pricing drop. credit has slowed and at higher rates while liquids income has dropped. active lease modifications are occuring here as we speak.


Financial constraints will pretty much always be present in this capital intensive industry.

The well run operators stand to do VERY well, even if it means gobbling up weaker competitors.

The gas - as opposed to oil - focused operators are especially challenged as there is simply so much of the stuff.

The oil guys are recovering gas as an unwelcome byproduct.

However, down the road, the extraordinarily economic mode of drill/extract that is being implemented in the Appalachian Basin, assures that robust production will continue for generstions.

Wild card might be expanded uses, most particularly CNG in vehicles.

Using exponentially growing MOF technology, CNG via adsorption (with a "d", not "b") will be the fuel of choice in the near future. Cutting edge MOFs the size of a pea have an internal surface area the size of 2 football fields.

Filling  a 32 gallon F 150 tank in Oklahoma today with CNG costs less than  45 bucks.

At sub 500 psi, homeowners will fuel right from their residential supply.

Appalachia Rising!

we have 2 wells maybe 4 near us in mercer county that are  under the Utica  I think in upper dev.


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