got offer to run pipeline through my property . what is the going rate???

I believe they offered $8000 for 330 feet. I live on it and its on a small parcel in Belmont County.


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thanks everyone. Ill update if i hear anything else. Only way i'll go for it is if they run it up the hillside where it wouldn't affect use of the land.  Or if they offer a sum too big to refuse. i  plan on building a big pole barn maybe 2 so even at 100 a foot  won't do it.

I recall $2 per inch diameter per each foot of run for each pipe as being thought of as fair considering it's a one time payment.  For instance :  a 12" diameter pipe carrying natural gas or oil 1000' would calc. out as follows :  $2 per inch x 12 inches diameter x 1000 feet = $24,000.00.

Then there was also mentioned a method based on charging the lessee an annual / monthly rental fee for the lost agricultural land consumed by the right of way.

Then there was also mentioned a method based on charging the entity that builds the pipe line a fee based on  'wheelage' which is based on the btu amount traversing the land which I think would also be paid to the landowner / lessor on a monthly / annual basis.

Don't rightly know how many different ways an individual landowner / lessor can negotiate  to be paid for the same and each individual pipe but thinking probably only one way for any build.

Thinking trying to negotiate more than one way per pipe run might be enough to bugger the deal myself but don't know that for sure.

Anyway those are all of the methods I've read about here on these pages.

Good luck neighbor.

How about a lifetime of free gas to heat and have a cng vehicle

they said no to free gas. told me they only own the pipe  not the gas inside. lol

I would settle for nothing less than $75.00 per foot , plus damages . One very important to have in your contract . $75.00 per pipe line ... I have known people over  overlook this in the contract and the company had plural instead of singular pipelines ... which means the can put as many as they want at that price . Make sure its stated per pipeline ... also make sure they don't have forever ... we had them to take that phase out .... hope this helps a little

We got $62.50 per foot back in 2014 in Bradford County PA...Just an FYI...

Hold out, they'll keep negotiating...


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