Is anyone here receiving royalties from Gulfport that understands the statements? Can you please contact me through a pm and help me understand this? I understand the basic terms, etc but the adjustments are hard to grasp. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Write down any POSITIVE responses you get from this site, that tell you everything is fine. Then call the Revenue Dept of Gulfport and see if they also say everything is fine. That's a tip off that things aren't fine.

Oil and Gas companies have a tradition of short changing landowners, some are worse than others but they are all guilty.

PAs Attorney General suit against Chesapeake is the first Shale Play state government to take action against this traditional theft.

That was less than a month ago and the PA theft has been in progress since at least 2008.

My bet is that they are shorting you royalties. I've seen royalty statements from Range Resources, and REX Energy and have heard from landowners that their producers are underpaying them. No one is making a fair royalty compared to the Millions being taken from each well.

I just got my $15 an acre royalty check today. No matter how much product is taken from Buck Well 1H the miraculous amount of $15 to $16 a month keeps showing up on my royalty statement.

Is this a message from God? Should I play the numbers 15 & 16 in the Ohio Lottery?

The answer is NO. This is theft my friend.

If you are making less than a thousand dollars a month for the oil and gas being taken from your well, File a Complaint against Gulfport or get use to it.

My complaint is attached.

It has been reported that a well cost $13 Million to drill and they were payed off in one year. I admit Well Product prices have dropped, but who was paid fair when the prices were at their peak in Feb 2014. I was paid $150 an acre maximum since 2014.

These O&G companies have plans, but they don't include the landowners.



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