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What area is Halo Land Management working out of?

morefield twp  Harrison county

morefield twp  Harrison county

I believe it is a new land company broker formed by former employees of Chesapeake.

But, just because they worked for Chesapeake doesn't make them bad people. I only mention the connection as a point of information, not as a criticism. They could be great people.

Earl, who are you leased with presently? I think it is more important as to how you have been treated by that company, not the land company they sub contract to.

no one Gulfport let me go

Do you know what company they are representing?  Name sounds like a broker these companies send out to do their leasing.

Searched around on here, looks like Halo has worked for Ascent in Ohio before... do ou know if that is who they are working for with your lease?  Have not seen much about Ascent on here lately

Here is a link to Dustin Goldston's LinkedIn profile, "Founder" of Halo Land Management.  It looks as if he was with Chesapeake for five years and although that does not immediately make him "bad", I would take that into consideration, prior to any transaction.

Thanks for the heads up, WV.  Being a dropped Gulfport lease, this could be very useful info.


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