Our 5 year Gulfport lease is up for release or re leasing very soon. They have been pushing hard to renegotiate our lease in annual installments, no guarantee of more than a year payment.

We said no deal, we are choosing to stick by their original lease.

They say they have no money; what the heck are they doing with the millions of whatever measurement I don't understand coming from their four gangbuster producing wells they have here in Sunsbury Township, NE Monroe county Ohio ? Only Rice Energy has higher producing wells here abouts. We have called their bluff and said no way, pay up if want to keep your lease.

Does anyone care to share if their expiring Gulfport lease has been renewed and paid for ? Gulfport is counting on their leaseholders to remain stupid and fall for their bluff. But knowledge is everything when dealing with the gas companies.

Please share whatever information you might have about this particular matter; thank you !

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I'll get right on that Sage.....again, have a pleasant day :)

I'm flattered Sage that you took the time to research what you perceive as MY problem......I didn't know you cared.....have a pleasant day :)

Site is back up and running! Yea!

Hoping Gulfport keeps folks in Madison Township leased . Haven't heard one way or the other . Anyone in Madison Township / Winterset getting renewed ? 

Gulfport renewed my lease last month for the 5 year term in Harrison county, Shortcreek township.

Was it right before your due date?

No it was a few weeks before.

Congratulations !  Love to hear good news. 

Gulfport wanted to re-negotiate all the leases in our area too. No one would agree to it so they were forced to honor their contracts and pay everyone all over again. Hang in there!


What area are you located?


Ozark Ohio Monroe county?


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