Anyone else observe some helicopter action recently?   Could these be gas related?  There are some active wells on a nearby property.   My husband id'd helicopters as Apaches -- several on Tuesday and then another on Wednesday.   We're located in Delmar Township.   Thanks. 

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You should be more concerned why we buy sat images of our land from Russia and hitch rides to space with them.

There is plenty to be afraid of out there without your rants.


your outa touch with reality...

Just facts.. and you can decide...

guess you cant read ?

Rants.......Random A$$@9 Nonsense Totals $#!T

.......Random A$$@9 Nonsense Totals $#! ... ??

Actually I made all of that up

to see if you were paying attention..

None of it is real...

I just photo shopped Hillary and the aritcles into a

real life believing blog...:)

thanks for falling into the trap....

Im wondering what kind of things are "out there"  that make

you "afraid"  ?

wouldn't be the Govt would it....:)

Now lets figure out why Apache attack helicopters would be


back and forth.. back and forth.. back and forth..

Wasting fuel....

.Since Big O is stripping the Military

and there is no extra money for "training"   ...

I would be interested in why they are flying ..

back and forth and back and forth...

Next time someone sees these Apache's 

take your

BINOCLULARS and see what MARKINGS are on them..

ALL  Military and Civilian aircraft are REQUIRED

to have markings...

I already know what you will find ..

but LOOK any way and let us know..

Even a nice pic posted would be cool....

That way the "conspiracy" theorists can be put to rest  :)

as Officer Friday said.. On Dragnet.. "Just the facts Maam.

just the facts  "

Is there any seismic testing going on in your area?

They will use choppers to drop testing equipment to save hauling it in. They also use them to pick up the bundles when finished.

 Not that I'm aware of.   They completed two testings during the past 5 years.  No contact re another round.

It is also the time of year they start looking for weed which happens to be in the same locations as future well sites.

I don't think the Military uses Attack Helicopters to look for weed patches...

Maybe gonna use Rockets to burn em out..?  im not sure...

Local Law enforcement uses Small observation Helo's..

I know.. ive rode in em....:)

All this talk about Hillary and the military and Russia is straight up nuts!!

Heck, the Commies took over in DC back in January of 2009.  They didn't have to fire a shot or initiate any helicopter overflights, of any kind, anywhere . . . not one!  Today they're in really firm control and, again, without any military drama whatsoever.   All they needed to do was to get Santa Claus elected as President of the United States of America.  And in November of 2008, and again in 2012, that's exactly what they did.

The helicopters mentioned in the OP probably are related to O&G exploration.  Even the Commies like oil and natural gas.  

Actually Clinton was the stooge waiting in the background to "emerge"...

OPEN SKIES TREATY... is easy enough to research... tho..

"Santa Claus" ?... is president....?? 

 But Fox news reporter said Santa was WHITE  ?

Oh well... anyway.. the UN TREATY.. illegal as it is.. .has been in EFFECT now quite awhile

DC operates under those rules ...:(

Constitution is  loooooooooooong... gone...


Did see 6 looked like Apaches fly over Corning Ny last friday, headed south, going high and fast....not oil field type .

This outa get things going...

The LUFTWAFFE  is stationed at Alamagorda NM...

Just off Holloman AFB..

Call Holloman AFB ask for the "information Officer" and ask em..

They will tell you


They have NOTHING. to do with the USAF..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They OWN the land... buildings .. etc... Strictly German run...

Strictly German Luftwaffee.. GOOGLE IT...

They practice UNDER 500 foot bombing raids....coast to coast....

Nice HuH...

They are  not "allowed" to do that in Europe.. gee I wonder why...

Look up once in awhile... you will see Jets with the IRON CROSS on em...

Why ? HOW ?   UN allows it...

I know I know.. just another "rant"  :)

Just the facts Maam.. just the facts...

Ive always wondered how the guys that fought the BATTLE OF THE BULGE feel about this...?


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