The Farm & Dairy October 3rd 2019 issue has an article titled "Here Comes The Sun" which Landowners will want to read.

The sources for the article say this is similar to the O&G leasing of Ohio farm land. This may be truer than they know. All of the potential theft and cause for Real Estate Tax overcharge for promised potential wealth that would not have been seen by Ohio Citizens if the future hadn't changed as it is about to.

Those who have signed Right Of Way leases without knowing what was in the ROW contract as presented to each Ohio Landowner by Cardinal Gas Services, shell company for Chesapeake Energy, have temporarily lost their Surface Rights. The Ohio Revised Code - Deception In Writings will one day be enforced and any Landowner who signed a ROW Contract without being told the truth, that they signed away their Surface Rights, will void their contracts. This a fact of Law.

The Solar Companies will not lease land that is under a mineral rights lease. I wonder why this would matter? Could this be a scam to allow "Solar Companies" access to Ohio Landowners minerals? Do Solar Companies have the same temporary immunity to Ohio Laws that the O&G fraudsters have enjoyed to date?

This Solar Deal if it is not another corrupt act waiting to take place against Ohioans, will still be here when the Round Up of Ohio's corrupt is complete. If the Solar Companies are corrupt they will be in the US Treasury along with US Domestic Oil & Gas where We The People will control Our Wealth as it should have been from the day the first Oil Well was drilled in PA.

A wise Landowner would not sign any documents related to their land, or deal with any lawyer until You hear that those 5,000 plus Sealed Federal Indictments for Ohio have been served. Your lawyer could disappear after you paid him Retainer money, if he has been taking advantage of US Citizens, which will show up in his bank accounts.

I'm sure a Patriot will post something here after the Round Up is completed to let everyone know the laws once again apply to all who operate in Our State as it was before Our stolen wealth was used to change the rule of law.

Watch for Our President Trump's running mate to announce his run for the 2020 Vice President.

We all know him well.

His resurrection will be celebrated by All and We The People will elect him as Our President in 2024 to 20??. Time reveals all Truth, but we must be patient for now, the wheels of justice will turn slowly until We The People are awake and and ready to handle the Truth that will be revealed.

I was ready for the Truth back in 2017, but a War cannot be run on a clock or calendar. Per Sun Tsu, The Art Of War, the War must not start until it is won. 

Trust Our President, Our Military and the NSA, and Pray for the protection of all who are risking their lives to return Our Nation to We The People.

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wrong again Ron.

Having grown up around relatives who were Welders and worked Our Nations O&G Pipelines, I spent time on pipeline Right Of Ways as a child, so I see those who worked in the O&G industry as loving individuals who work hard to make a living. You are not the enemy, those who run the O&G industry are the problem and they will be locked up for their corruption.

If I were working out of town in October 2019, I would keep close tabs on Military movements of those back home, and the potential call up of those who are in their Reserve period after discharge. Reserves have rarely ever been called back into service, except in October 2019.

Traveling home with the National Grid down, as directed by Our Military, will make pumping gasoline impossible.

Being in a Travel Trailer with no power, no heating source, having insufficient gasoline to travel home or go to work, and being without communications to those back home, could be avoided by networking with those You trust. 

Remember, I took an Oath to God to protect Our Constitution which includes protecting my fellow US Citizens, All of them.


To everyone that is poo poing Ron, Maybe you should take notice. I do not always agree with Ron.  And I do not think it is wise to quote the bible as he often does.

But I do think that Ron is trying to encourage folks to look at the question from a different perspective.  Only a  person that has the ability to look at both sides of a question can make a decision satisfactory to everyone or the majority of people.


To try to intimidate a person is very short sighted indeed.  You just might find that you are out classed at many different levels!

Granddad Ladd


I admire your persistence.

I'll be just fine in this society or any that may follow.

Trump should save his own hide....and leave us alone.

In a sense Tusc-county-man I agree with you.  "Mr. T. should save his own hide!"   He has little idea that he is   dealing with  world leaders.  Some of which could cause the US real damage. He thinks that to bully them will do the job and make him a "WINNER!"  Other leaders have tried this path to greatness and failed.


"Acting like a clown" is probably how many other leaders visualize him. It is not a great idea to project either Clown or Bully  to serious world leaders. 

Granddad Ladd

The choices world leaders make often determine the future for everyone.  Oil and Gas production ,  Wind turbines,  Coal and other energy sources have to be included in determining how everybody's future will be.

Wednesday the communist state of california was de-energized by their power company to prevent "forest fires", while Our President Trump sent in the Marines to take over the Communist Chinese Port of Long Beach, CA. You won't see this on the CIA Project Mocking Bird controlled Main Stream Media.

Reports of UN equipment once again traveling by rail to designated locations in the US may be the cause for this action at Long Beach. This is the port of entry planned by the UN, but word is that over 5 Million Chinese are already inside the US.

The Kenyan that illegally held the office of President knows that he will soon become extinct so he is calling in his forces and the UN to save himself and his buddy Mike.

Our President has gone on the offensive to stop what our past governments that have partnered with China have done. If the demoncrats had gotten Our guns, and God knows they tried with a huge number of False Flag shootings, we would now be screwed.

Patriots are locked and loaded with plenty of ammo if they are needed.
Those Illegals that Canada let in have disappeared from Canada, and we don't have a Northern Border Wall so they have been collecting in camps in NY and other northern states.

Note to Extreme Muslims: You are being watched. If You attempt go on the offensive, a dial-a-nuke neutron device will be used to painlessly send You and Your families to the only God that exists. It will be painless and humane here, not so much when you get there.

There is one fact the Chinese will soon learn, the Black Project Crafts that they didn't get plans for, that we have, are more than Awesome. Check out the 1980s reverse engineered TR-3B Astra from the Aurora Project. It was Reverse Engineered from something the US Govt picked up. It has a Nuclear Reactor, a mercury gas doughnut that when spun up acts as a form of Anti-gravity that causes the equilateral triangle craft to lighten by 89%. It travels at Mach 9 or more, makes near 90 degree turns and can be verified on many You Tube sources by searching TR-3B Astra.
I researched the TR-3B Astra after seeing a cloud shaped like a perfect triangle with sharp edges, something a cloud can't do, floated out from the clouds behind it and passed over me. The Sun made a bronze colored rainbow/arch above it which proved it was a metallic craft. The pilots must have dropped down to have a look at my 200 ft diameter "Q" that I mowed into my hay field.

Like I've been known to say, Time will reveal the Truth and I won't be proven to be wrong. I only deal in the Truth.

For those that need an Oil & Gas topic:
It is highly probable that the Port of Long Beach is where the huge volume of Domestic Oil being stolen from US Citizens is being shipped out to Our Enemies. Those who know the details and are keeping them a secret and will be held as Traitors to the US, until they are terminated.

I flew my magic unicorn out to Long Beach and secured the situation.  Time to move on, nothing to see here.

The reason solar (or wind) companies wont sign leased minerals is that subsurface rights trump surface, which i know you know. So if I am a solar company and put up a 50 million dollar array of  solar panels or windmills an oil and gas company can then come to drill and force their removal. SO they lose their investment. Same with coal, they dont want someone mining under their equipment. Its no more complicated than that.     People want to hear the truth.

The Common Sense Show with Dave Hodges is a good source for what is happening in California. I don't normally follow Dave but he is all I can find.

Dave lives just North of the area where the UN is amassing troops and equipment, a place called Morgan Hill.

Here is a link to Dave's You Tube Channel:

Start at the latest show and work your way back in time. His presentations are short and he has a few call ins and texts.

Forgive Dave when he starts talking about a Post Constitution Government as if we have lost the war, I already jumped on him for trying to change Our Government without asking We The Armed People.

Correction:  Dave Hodges lives in Arizona not in California.  He has been presenting on very little sleep and may have meant to say his source lived just North of Morgan Hill.

I'll also accept the blame rather than go back and sort out how this confusion came to be over where Dave lives, as I said I normally don't follow him but he is good source.

Dave on netfortruthusa or whirlwindrevolt is recommending that Californians leave their state, the Earthquakes, natural and man made, fires and dams that have not been maintained now threaten.

Dave pointed out the Earth Drilling Machines that has been used to burrow underground military bases or DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases) and cities:

Watch the pan on the stove behind Dave. The gas is on full and it looks like black smoke rising up in the background. I hope Dave's Grits didn't get charred.

NOTE: This May Trigger Anger in some readers since it is counter to your beliefs. I know, many are angry with me for what I know and have revealed.I have to walk the line between being abused by those with Cognitive Dissonance (Whoever coined this name wasn't interested in making sense to You and me, explained in next post) and being held accountable by God for being afraid to tell what he has shown me to be True, and you ain't seen nothin yet. 

US Landowner Stolen Oil is no longer leaving the US by way of Long Beach Port, Our President has the Port under US control as it should have been ALWAYS.


As many as 50% of US Citizens believe Our World is as told by the major network "reporters". This is why President Trump has been Tweeting the News to US Citizens.

Cognitive Dissonance - The term cognitive dissonance is used to describe the feelings of discomfort that results when your beliefs run counter to your behaviors or new information that is presented to you. If these Truths below upset You, then You need to investigate as many of them as it takes to break the CIA Operation Mocking Bird Main Stream Media lies We have been told as far back as the 1950s.
I investigated the UN, globalists, New World Order and their plans in 2014 / 2015. The Internet and You Tube hid nothing from the public back then, the globalists thought they had already won the war to disarm America and then Depopulate us and only needed Hillary in office to finish us off. Our Nation is the biggest threat to globalism on the planet due to being freedom loving people armed to protect Our Constitution and it's Amendments.

Disturbing things I learned are as follows:
1) UN marked Military equipment has been moving by Train around the US for years. Many US Citizens filmed these movements and told where this equipment was seen. That movement is once again happening. It appears that the UN forces in California in the Cross Hairs Our Marines and Black Budget "Machines Of War". God Bless President Trump, Our Military, NSA and those who have sworn to protect We The People and Our Constitution.

2) Around the US Citizens have seen and talked to Chinese and Russian UN soldiers that have been seen for years. No one knows why they are here.

3) The UN Building has a room on the first floor that has a black slab of granite which is called the Throne of Satan. The UN is known by many as the Army of Satan.

4) Truckers videoed their trailer loads of Guillotines, made in China, purchased by the kenyan/obama estimated at 30,000 Guillotines. Extra blades were shipped for these devices.
Guillotines: Search You Tube For Truck Deliveries of Guillotines to Military Bases
Coffin Liners?

5) The Georgia Guide Stones are carved in several languages that state that the Earth must not have more than 50 Million Humans on it. It is believed that globalists paid for these stones to be erected and carved. Satanists always tell us what they have planned for us Humans before they take any action.

6) Bill Gates believes his shots can be used to reduce the Earths population and can be seen in videos discussing this fact. Time: 2:05   Billy Boy crossed the line, he will hang for his depopulation deeds in Africa and more.

7) The Demoncrats planned to use the UN Chinese Blue helmets to go door to door and disarm America for Depopulation/Genocide.

8) The globalists/New World Order of un-elected officials which is what the EU is, has plans to depopulate the Earth and only the US stands in their way.

9) The pope is working towards a One World Religion of Satan, and he is a New World Order Satanist.

10) The UN Chinese have been directed to commit genocide against US Citizens. The Chinese Guillotines will come in very handy to do this. China has provided the Guillotines and the army to use them.

11) Hillary was supposed to have won the Presidential Election, then disarm us, and start a Nuclear war with Russia, North Korea, Iran or whoever she could get the CIA to fake a Nuclear Missile launch towards the US.

12) The Military and Our President know the above facts and have plans of their own to eliminate those in the US who are here uninvited with plans to depopulate us.

13) Have You figured out that the Demoncrats and others in Our federal government sold us out to China? The globalist wanted to move to China where all Citizens are under full control of the government with little threat to them and Our US Traitors who would have needed a new home thanks to Hillary who is in fact a Witch who would have destroyed the US by Nuclear War.

14) Many US Citizens have been brainwashed to believe certain things and events. When new information is presented that expose the Truth, those individuals can be triggered to anger. This is Cognitive Dissonance.

15) When I told a man at Walmart about the UN Troop Movements and the TR-3B Astra Craft that I saw then researched, he said he believed me.

When I told him Raymond Bush's (soon to be late son of GHWB) company sprayed the fire retardant which was actually Nano Thermite onto the vertical steel support beams in the World Trade Center Buildings & Building #7 which cut the vertical beams at a 45 degree angle in 33 ft lengths, He said he didn't believe me. Building demolitions use a 33 ft length so the steel will fit onto a Trailer for shipment as was done.
As he walked away I said, "And No One Died at Sandy Hook".

Call Wolfgang Halbig in Florida at 352-729-2559 who did the investigation at Sandy Hook, or put his name in You Tube and learn about this False Flag event. Wolfgang has all of the evidence. He is easy to talk to. Thank him for being a Veteran, Patriot and a Hero. He doesn't believe he is hero yet, but I know he is.

Time will reveal that all of the above statements are True.   The above Truths are just the beginning. If You don't break the spell You are under, the Truth to be revealed to all will leave You unable to function in Our New World.


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